Were you aware that everything you could ever think to say already exists online?

This is the online library of all of the potential combinations of the English alphabet and several symbols. It contains everything that ever has been, or ever could be written. Within its seemingly infinite pages exist all the wisdom and knowledge of the centuries, of the future, of almost everything that could ever be said in English. You could browse the pages and stumble across the most profound thing that has ever been said.

Type in your deepest thoughts; your most profound epiphanies; your darkest secrets; every lie; every joke; the description of your birth. And they will all exist within the pages of the Library of Babel.

10^5000 pages exist within the library, arranged into hexagon shaped rooms, each with four walls of books, containing 5 shelves, with 32 volumes of 410 pages. To put that in perspective, there are only 10^80 atoms in the observable universe. What is on each page is already predetermined.


For instance, I took the liberty of arbitrarily copying @VictoriousSausage 's MyTake "The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West"

The book you were reading was Volume 13 on Shelf 4 of Wall 2 of Hexagon: (really long name).

Try it out.


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  • Nope, noone combines words like I do.

    • The Library of Babylon knew you were going to say that. Volume 10 on Shelf 2 of Wall 2 of Hexagon -- page 94.

    • Hmm, perhaps, but they contemplated the possibility deconstructing their subconscious using colour all the while tripping heavy balls.

      I don't even fully understand what I said, so neither would have they.