Does a High Blood Pressure Automatically mean very Unhealthy?

I think i have a relatively high blood pressure but it is confusing. I am very fit, i have never been ft and even naturally have abs and muscles. I eat very healthy, i love vegetables and fruit and rarely eat salt, i avoid most unhealthy foods. I also like being active

But a number of people who were the opposite of all of this took blood pressure tests with me and they had much lower. They were even sometimes older


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  • Make an Appointment as soon as you are Available to go in for a Check Up.
    It is Not even so much just "Unhealthy," but you could be Needing to Go on a little Blood Pressure Pill, Bill, that is no Big Deal but you will Feel... Better Knowing your Health is no Longer at Risk for a Heart Attack and Stroke by Midnite this Year, dear. xx


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  • If you where walking around it would be higher
    If you where sick or stressed out it would be higher and if you where aroused at the time it would be higher

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