Does propranolol help your anxiety?

I started taking propranolol for anxiety couple days back I know that it is use for high blood pressure so it is supposed to slow down heart rate due to anxiety.. anxiety is a horrible thing to experience so I spoke to my doctor to see if she can give me something that would really help , she also started me on Prozac because I had taken it before and it really helped I was taking Effexor but I didn't feel like it helped my depression so she brought down the Effexor and I will start Prozac In conjunction with propranolol 40 mg. She told me to take it when I feel really nervours so I tried it but I kinda feel like it made me kinda drowsy she tired not sure if it's because I only took it twice so hard.. but my question is how does it help you? And what dosage do you take?


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  • There are special forums on other sites specifically for sharing experience with all kinds of prescription and other things. I think you will find way more useful info on those sites.


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  • Ask a GP

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