Do you have a bit of selfishness and apathy to have a strong personality?

When it comes to having a strong personality and wearing the pants with your relationships with others (not just romantic, but relationships in general), is it necessary to view your wants, needs and opinions as having more priority than those of others? What about being ruthless and able to fulfill those wants and needs without a care for how others feel about it?

  • Yea. That's basically what a strong personality is.
  • You're close to the truth but you also missed the mark entirely.
  • You're way off.
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  • I don't wear the pants at all because that is not how it works in my head

  • A strong personality means you get your point across with ", stabbing" people with your words, and making enemies along the way. It's about being asssertive and getting what you want and need without being mean to people and ruthless. If you are honest and assertive , but kind and empathetic too... you'll gain more people's trust and respect.

    If people respect you out of fear because you're ruthless you'll earn many enemies and eventually it'll be your downfall. If people recpect you because they trust you then it's easier to get what you want and need


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