Racist language in a question?

Moderator answers the question, with no mention of the racial slur.

Question is here.

Since when was "half breed" an ok thing to say? Disgusting.
I reported. Let's see how long it stays up.

I notice when there's horribly offensive things about Turkish or mixed people especially on here, they stay up.


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  • Ok well it isn't necessarily racist to say that, it depends how it's said

    • It is. There is no nice meaning behind it. This is 2016 and like I said in another reply I'm very shocked people think it's ok still. It hasn't been ok for a long time.

    • Well I agree with the other guy, if it isn't directed at any particular race it isn't racist

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  • The term half breed dehumanises the target and that is why I believe it is offensive. I don't believe it is necessary and that is why I believe it has little place on this website. I'm all for people having opinions, even offensive opinions, but there are certain things that are entirely unnecessary in their offence. It serves no purpose to refer to someone as a half breed, it is not needed as a descriptive.

    • I've just seen you're from the UK. I think it is a USA thing, because they actually think it's ok and not at all offensive. Things like "depends how it's said" like no it doesn't, it's offensive and that's it. It's like saying we can call people Paki or gollywogs if we are only using it in general conversation.

  • What race is "half-breed" against?

    • Obviously it can be any two races. Don't get technical when you blatantly know exactly what it means. It's so annoying when people pick at things for literally no reason, like you know what the point is, it doesn't take a genius, so why would you need to ask that?

    • So your answer is "no race". Ergo, not racist.

  • I prefer using the term halfie mutant.

  • Did the person say anything with a negative connotation with the term half breed?

    • Half breed itself is offensive, nothing else needs to be said with it. This isn't 1950, I am actually surprised so many people on here think it's a normal term and it's ok to say. Seriously, most are from the USA, and I'm starting to think now the stories of racial divide, hatred, and prejudice must not be exaggerated by the media like I thought they were. This is basic stuff, most people know not to say that. Then again, people on here have thought it's normal to call people "colored" so I can't be too shocked I guess.

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    • Oh that's surprising to see somebody your age say half caste is common. I'm just slightly older than you and just about remember it being used when I was very young, but now everybody here just says mixed race.
      Half caste they say is offensive because of the history of the word and where it comes from, it's Asian... how they have different castes and some are lower than others, but tbh, I've never met a mixed person who found it offensive by themselves, only that they were told it was offensive, and even then most I know disagree and say they don't mind the term.

      But yea, half breed and half caste are nothing like each other. It's like coloured and black... they're not the same thing, but are regularly used even though most black people here find one of them offensive or uncomfortable with it.
      Like what breed? Are white people a breed and black people another? As if we're rottweilers and hounds? No, we're all the same "breed" half breed is no better than saying mongrel

    • I can see your point with the term but again I just think as long as the person did not meant it in a malicious context then they are not in any way trying to cause any direct racial insult towards the matter in question but minus as for the whole offensiveness of a term I will have to respectfully agree to disagree with you about certain words or phrases being by default offensive

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