Is it weird that I have New Year's Eve?

Like I'm always sad on New Year's Eve, it's so weird. But I just find it's sad that I'm starting a new year and now the old one is like closing a chapter, lol. It's the same with my birthday, i fucking hate my birthday, haha.

I meant "hate" and not have, fuck


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  • I don't think it's weird. I have many of the feelings you describe. But I also celebrate the bygone year. Usually we cook a very elborate multiple course meal with champagne and fireworks for friends. By celebrating it feels like more future-looking but it doesn't completely erase the wistful sadness either. When you get older you'll hate your birthday even more.


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  • my birthday is the 1st part of December, 2nd part is new years. so yeah it sucks

  • True but I'll be super glad to get rid of 2016 it's been a shit year. Fuck you 2016!


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