Is the census an engine for liberal propaganda?

According to the US census, 26% of black people and 23% of hispanics live in poverty, and only 10% of white people. Is this evidence of liberal propaganda? I think they are twisting the numbers to fit their ideology and to degrade white people and continue to call us racist for not believing in their rigged "statistics."


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  • No but I do think leftist policies try to keep minorities in poverty, make them dependent on the government and thereby securing their votes.


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  • Honestly? I would have to know how "poverty" is defined.
    --Just income? Some people have lots of assets?
    --Assets? Some assets don't generate much income (e. g., farming)
    --Relative to size of family?

  • It is. Hard truth is, we are in a leftist liberal regime. Racism is a myth created by the left to antagonize White people.. There never was racism. It's been debunked

    • "There never was racism. It's been debunked" Racism never existed? Either you're an idiot or a troll. I can't tell which because there are so many of both here.

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