Girls, Will my hair look weird in the morning?

Okay so I had taken a shower earlier today and my hair had dried and I was curling it with the curling wand. I hairsprayed my hair. For some reason, my hair wasn't cooperating so I wet it with water (like my whole head is wet.). I didn't shampoo. Will my hair dry weird because of the hairspray?

Update: I just did the quickest shampoo job in my life! Let's all pray now!


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  • It probably won't look great :/ I'd just plan on wearing a bun.

    • I could curl it up in the morning though, but will the hairspray affect it?

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    • Okay thanks, I can't do a full wash now because people in my house are sleeping haha and then I'm gonna get in shit. I just put conditioner and rinsed it because apparently that removes conditioner. I honestly did a disaster on my head tonight!!

    • LOL at least you know not to do it again?

      Conditioner just moisturizes. It doesn't cleanse.

  • It'll probably feel hella gross lmfao

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