Which vehicle has the best woman-appeal do you think?

These three vehicles are mine and I've decided to sell two of them. I don't really need all of these vehicles. It's way too much trouble and expense for nothing. I have way too many toys and since I love to dump money into modding my rides it's better to just have one.

What I would like to know is which vehicle do women (you) think is the most appealing.

  • My 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
  • My 1993 Foxbody Mustang LX 5.0
  • My 2012 Jeep Wrangler sport
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This is a no-brainer. Keep the foxbody and fix it up! I'm a car girl. The others look okay but I know the potential this mustang has. Second would be the jeep to go mudding and it's a fun summer ride. The eclipse is a feminine car.

    • My mustang has a a trickflow top-end kit, bor to 305, 4:11rear, summit racing cam, cold-air, perf alt, oil cooler, rad, big bore throttle-bd, chipped, msd ignition, all around electrical done, removed the cats, headers, and straight pipes.

      Very expensive and it took a long time to do :)

      I am probably going to get rid of the eclipse though. It's a little immature for me. I'm not 16yrs old anymore (unfortunately).

    • Damn. See that's even more reason to keep it. It's probably fast and loud ❤️ be smart about this. And yes get rid of the Eclipse.

    • I had it dyno-ed. 326hp at the wheels so that's about 411hp.
      Loud... yah. I use earplugs if I redline it otherwise bells will be ringing for hours on my head.

What Girls Said 8

  • Nada, don't care about what kinda car he has, or if he even has one...

    But if you're asking which one I think look the best appearance wise then the first one.

  • The Eclipse was my dream car, until I finally got one.

    I'd go with the jeep for several reasons. Mostly it will just be easier and cheaper to maintain because it's newer, and not a sports car, and it has more room.

    • Haha, no kidding right. The Mits, everyone looks and points but when you own it you look at the engine and think, what a pile of crap.

      Oh, all of those reasons you mentioned with the jeep are the opposite actually.
      -It's not been cheaper. Jeeps have more upgrades to do. For example, I add those 5 KC spotlights two months ago. With the bar, switches, and relays it came up to $700. The "angry eyes" thing was about $120. I'm going to do a 3" lift for $800 within the next 3 months and probably I'll have to go for bigger tires and rims sometime next year fo $2,500. They are expensive! Money isn't really an issue for me though. Instead of drink (cause I don't) I just buy stuff.

      Newer car parts are also more money usually just because of the age of the vehicle.
      2 door jeeps do NOT have more room. Groceries is a nightmare! The eclipse trunk is BIG compared to this.

    • Ok all those "upgrades" are a non essential addition for a "toy" car. A car you have as a young adult who isn't serious about their future yet. Not all jeeps are 2-door, admittedly I didn't look to notice how many doors in the pic.
      Yes, parts for newer cars, and for better cars like Honda, do cost more up front because they last longer.

    • Basically, as a woman, you strike me as the type who cares more about a flashy car than supporting a family.

  • The Mitsubishi is my type of car

  • I love jeeps

  • the jeep is the only one i like. the other two are ugly

  • I don't care what kinda car a guy has.

    • I did NOT ask what kind of car does a guy have to have to date.
      I asked to gather preference and opinion and the taste that women have regarding the three vehicles above.

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    • I like the jeep.

    • I'm not excited or mad.

  • None of those appeal to me.

  • Neither. All look ugly. A guys car is irrelevant to me. I have my own car

    • I was not asking which IMPRESSES women. I was asking to gather general womans preference.
      So basically, you are saying that you do not find vehicles appealing whatsoever. There are no nice vehicles and disgustful vehicles to you?

    • Not at all. I just get turned off by a car a guy drives. If he turned up in a million dollar car... I'd walk away. Guys like that have huge egos. They only buy such cars to impress women. The car I have is to make a financial statement to people I hate lol

    • Ok, What the HELL does impress you, ms. negative nancy? hahaha

What Guys Said 4

  • Jeep is the most fun. Eclipse is cool and sleek, but unlikely to be appreciated by most (the majority will roll their eyes and say "Fast and Furious"), the Mustang is even more obscure, most will just think it's a shitty old car and not realize its pedigree.

  • The jeep

  • Any car that does not act make you compensate for your micro-phallic syndrome. Public transport or tesla, our planet isn't getting any cooler.

    • Oh, maybe I should clarify. I'm not an environmentalist. haha
      Telsas start at $70,000 which is ridiculous but I understand why. The planet actually isn't getting warm because global warming has been discovered to be a gov't marketing hoax. It was all over the news when discovered years ago. On top of that 6yrs ago is was discovered that the ozone layer was completely made up. That was a global new break thing as well.
      You should turn on the discovery channel from time to time.

      Public transport is disgusting

      And just so you know, you probably use more electonics now than when I was 18 like you because ipods, tablets, smart tvs, and cellphones where not even invented or used by the public yet. Wireless are non-existence when I was 18yrs old. All MODERN electronics distribute radiation now.
      So why the hell are you destroying the world. Damn kids these days. Wrecking the imaginary ozone layer:) haha

    • nice bro, get the mustang

  • 0|1
    • The type of woman I'd get with that, I would want though. She probably would be able to cook for a change. OOOO, burn!!! haha, kidding girls.

    • Yep, that 18th century steam car can probably be used for cooking ;)