Why does everyone always giving me a hard time?

My friends were teasing me that I'm the blame for my dog getting fat. I mean we used to take her for walks but she tore up her color and we used to have a leash for her. My friend was like to my pup, "Aww poor Lena. Was Dana mean to you. Don't snap at me, get angry at Dana, she's the one that don't do it." My sister was like, "Why don't you ever take her for walks?" I told them that I did and we used to. Then my friend said, "Well buy her another one! So she won't be cooped up! Lena is Dana being mean to you?" Then they all laugh. I told my sister they were joking. He said, "No I am so not. Lena is squealing on you! Hahaha." I know they were just kidding but afterwards, I get upset and angry. It's been like that since I was a kid. EVERYONE use to pick on me A LOT. I got angry and the kids would pick on me some more because they loved making me angry. I've gotten better at accepting jokes but I always feel guilty.
Then my my friend asked me what I wanted to do Friday night. Then she said, "Hey! Don't be looking at your dad! You're a grown *** woman. You do what you want. You don't need your parents permission anymore!" I have Asperger Syndrome and people need to be careful what they say to me. They do but what is wrong with me?

  • Stop being so sensitive! They're just kidding with you.
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  • Well start taking your dog for a walk. She is YOUR responsibility for her getting fat. Your sister and friends has a point.
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  • They need to chill out
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  • Stop being such a baby!
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  • People need to be more aware of things they say, it's ok to joke around from tine to time but it really isn't needed round the clock. As for the dog thing I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's your dog and the animal loves you regardless of being overweight or fit.


Most Helpful Girl

  • They seem to be very sarcastic people and they are just joking around with you. Just laugh and agree. If you fight their comments it'll only turn into an argument. Just say "yeah yeah yeah I will when I can don't worry".

    Keep it simple!!! Never go on about something that makes you upset or uncomfortable!! Change the topic like "Oh, by the way, this weekend.. I heard there's a party.. wanna go? I just gotta figure out whose hosting it." If they ask "who'd you hear it from?" Just say "walking in the halls. I'll find out more details" So now Your dog is off their minds

    • Everyone is ing me how selfish and cruel I am.

    • Then maybe your doing things that make your selfish. Change some of your ways and see if they react differently. Play around with it

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  • People should have a better understanding of your needs and i think they need to stop and realize we all have feelings.


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  • Oh stop being such a big baby! Are you SURE you're really 27? Because 27 year olds do not post stupid questions like this. They were just teasing you. Quit getting so mad over a little joke. As for your puppy, they're probably just trying to give you a hard time but they do have a point. If your dog is getting fatter and not getting the love he or she needs that's YOUR own fault. Your sister and friends have a point. Just buy her another leash and start taking her for walks again. It's YOUR responsibility otherwise don't even own a dog if you can't take care of her. THAT'S THE TRUTH.

  • I would say yes stop being sensitive but also dog leashes and collars don't cost that much you could even find one i'm pretty sure at the dollar store if money is an issue. Not taking her for walks isn't an excuse its actually pretty cruel.

    • Excuse me? Are you saying that I am a selfish and cruel person? Now you're making me feel bad.

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    • I'm not neglecting to walk my dog. Seriosuly everybody thinks I'm selfish and cruel. My own father said I can even buy a leash or a color and at least spend some time with her. Nobody understands how busy I am.

    • There are heaps of people who are also busy in this world, its not about having the time its about making the time. Literally walking your dog takes 5 minutes, in that 5 minutes you may miss out on a shower, drying your hair, 5-10 less minutes of sleep etc. Its not asking for much

  • I will have to agree with your sisters and friends. Stop getting so sensitive and just take a joke. Also you really should take your dog for a walk sometimes and let her get some fresh air. What is wrong with you? You are mean.

    • What are you saying? That I'm selfish and cruel to my pet

    • That you need to take better care of your pet! Sorry but you see to hear the truth.

  • get a cat

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