If a guy gets annoyed at you trying to be next to him or stare at him does he think you're ugly?

I don't ever really try to talk to guys but sometimes I'm more aware of them than I am the average person. Like I'll look at them out of the corner of my eye etc. Sometimes I think this annoys them.

Which makes me wonder if I'm not attractive or something?


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  • He's annoyed about something you did not your looks.

    • You sound very confident when you say that. What makes you think so?

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    • Dropping hints are annoying cause it's like beating around the bush. It's not getting to the point. No end goal. Coming on too strong can cause guys to get annoyed cause we don't know you like that and can be awkward and uncomfortable, and flirting with no plans is a red flag. Don't smile, sit next me, or stare at me and not proceed to do more. It's creepy, it leads to nothing and mostly over all it surve no purpose. Now asking the guy out or what ever is okay but anything else is doing too much.

    • Even if the girl is the most beautiful girl in the world?

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  • No, he is just annoyed with what you're doing.

    • What am I doing? I did nothing lol I don't even talk to him

    • Men don't like being stared at awkwardly or games.

      Men are pretty simple creatures and just like being straight to the point.

      If you like them just go up to them and spark a conversation. Don't come on to strong and don't flirt if that is all it is going to be.

      If he shows no interest then just move on.

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