Is there such thing as a gay trans-sexual?


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  • Yes. I have known trans people that post surgery liked the same sex as they became. So would of been a straight man but felt they were a woman, had surgery and then became a lesbian. Trans males who surgically become a male that were straight women who now become gay men. Some of the female to males choose to not have the bottom surgery because differences in what it might cause for reproduction or sensation.

    I would of been considered a gay man or a pansexual before I had surgery to become female. Which for me did mean somethings removed, somethings altered, and somethings I wasn't using much getting used because I had some structures due to a genetic issue I had. Though these days with stem cell printing and organ donation theoretically people could have tissue type compatible organs printed and transplanted so they could reproduce. However their children would test as not theirs unless the tissue was treated with gene therapy first.

    If your wondering I've been female for over 50 years. I lived mostly as a female before that. Though for awhile for certain rights I was a male. Later I had gender change and surgical change. I do consider myself a straight female. Though I have had relationships with females it was rare. Only one was lasting. But I haven't seen her now for a very long time. She also felt she had some gender duality. Which like mine was complicated. As where we were both from being intersex wasn't uncommon and she was too.


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  • I know a girl who wants to be a trans boy, and have sex with boys. I've been wondering for a while how that's supposed to work. If anyone knows, let me know.

    • As long as he has it cut off, it's certainly possible.. although, gay men often do anal

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    • @Penyair
      Bioprinting has been used successfully in printing tracheas (the tube in your throat that you breath through) in children. They've been implanted and have worked for a couple of years now, so I imagine a vaginal canal would work.

      The difficulty is in making things that have many different types of tissue, but I'm sure it will be done in time.

    • I'm more interested in writing about the bias you faced, and the unwillingness of some people to accept that your condition didn't fit into their nicely constructed rules.

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  • Being born male or female, might not necessarily mean you are to play the respective roles in society. People change their body, appearance etc. to embody their personal mindsets of the gender they choose to be. It means to match what hey think to how they want to be seen.

    Eg. I feel like a woman but I'm a man, I don't want to be seen dressed or acting like a man and let people think I'm a man, I'm uncomfortable in living my life as a lie, as a man. For society to recognize me as a woman, to be a woman myself, I must change my body to be a woman because I think & act like a woman. I want to be a woman because I was never a man to begin with.
    Simple as that.

    Personally, I feel that,
    sexual orientation is not directly linked to what gender you are or if you have changed your gender to suit your mindset. It is based on the psychology of romantic attraction despite the gender. So it plainly means you can love anyone despite their gender.

    Society has been making categories for sexuality and people just fit themselves in it. So it's not just trans people being affected but also the possible partners that they have in mind who has been brainwashed by these "categories of sexuality" I'm a man so I must be attracted to a woman and so I belong to the heterosexual category.

    I've said it and I'll say it again. if you don't try it yourself, and experiment, then you'll probably won't know if you are capable of loving both genders. Because humans are capable of loving so much more than what society dictates of them.

    Give me MHO if you think I answered your question, lots of love! <3

  • There can be, yeah. One of my friends is trans and she's only attracted to women.

  • that would contradict the belief in what they are


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  • Yeah, I know heaps of trans people that are trans and gay