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I need help... Mentally. Please?

Well, please read it. I got into a fight with my boyfriend tonight. And upon reflection while we were in separate rooms, I started thinking to myself why do I do this. Why do I keep picking a fight and telling him we're done... And I've realised I'm doing what I tell my 7 year old cousin off for doing... He just wants attention. And nobody ever gives him good attention so he acts out because bad attention is at least attention right?
I just want my boyfriend to come after me and stop me and show me he cares... And when he doesn't, we have an argument about it, and I guess either way I get that attention...

I mean, part of it is linked to perhaps him not showing me he cares sometimes. But obviously there's also a part of it which is me. And I want to fix this.. I feel like acknowledging this problem is a good thing.

Side note: the other 99% of the time I'm damn awesome. I don't do this often at all. He isn't Mr Perfect either, most of those times I "pick a fight" something has happened that's made me emotional in the first place that is to do with him or us... So it isn't completely out of nowhere.

I just... I guess I am realising I am a self saboteur. I want to be better, for us. We want so much together... And there's steps we can take for us to show that care for each other better sure. But I still need that help in myself.

I can't afford a shrink, so here I am asking strangers online, how have you dealt with personal problems like this.. or friends of yours.. what do you think I can do?

Please be nice.
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Anyone else?
I need help... Mentally. Please?
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