Covering my scar with a tattoo?

I have a large scar on my upper leg from a burn wound. The scar itself has no lumps or different texture from the other skin on my leg, but it does have a different purpelish/reddish colour. I could cover up the scar with a tattoo, but I'm worried that the discoloriation of the scar will still be apparent underneath the tattoo. Does someone have experience or advise with covering their scars with tattoos?


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  • A dermatologist or plastic syrgeon should be able to tell you. You might ask a nurse in a burn unit. They'd know.

  • Has it been awhile since you got the burn wound?

    • I got the wound half a year ago whilst being clumsy with boiling water. It is fully healed.

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    • I need to be careful how i design it, that's why i'm asking advice. For example; I probably can't use a design which is too simple, because i fear that the lines and discoloration of my scar would still be obvious underneath the tattoo. My guess is that those are better hidden under a detailed tattoo. I just wanted to check the internet for a person who has been through the experience. Besides, my drawing skills are not good enough to permanently put on my body XD

    • That's where you can work with the tattoo artist.. Perhaps you could come up with something that will be drawn around the scar. Perhaps it could start out at the scar and then span out to something beautiful.

  • wear your scars with pride
    our scars made us what we are


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