If You Were Marooned On Gilligans Island?

If you were marooned on Gilligans island and you had a choice of 5 items to take with you, what would they be? Mine would be water filter straw, flint, lighter, machete, slingshot and big blanket. If You Were Marooned On Gilligans Island...?


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  • Honestly, there was nothing stopping them from repairing the Minnow and leaving again right away. Near the end of the first season, the Professor said they lacked fasteners to attach any kind of repair work to the holes in the hull. There'd have been plenty of nails from elsewhere on the boat and what it carried they could have pulled and used.

    There was also an indication that the rudder was damaged, but that again could be improvised (if they are making planks for the hull) long enough to navigate past the reef and back out to sea.

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  • https://satellitephonestore.com/pictures/1-762.jpg

    Iridium sat phone, solar charger, a book, bottled water, and snacks.

    I'd be off the island in 48 hours.

    • I was thinking an EPIRB.

    • @JenSCDC Not a bad choice either - but with a sat phone, you can actually have a real conversation, explain your situation, etc. It's certainly more expensive, and requires more interaction and protection, but it has a lot of advantages over a simple beacon.

  • a water filtering straw
    a knife
    a lighter
    a nice soft blanket
    a very sexy girl to keep me happy and horny

  • A genie

  • Good choices , I would take solar panels for power so I can use my satellite phone so I can call for help

    • Desalinization Device for fresh water while waiting to be rescued but are the rest of the cast sways going to be there?

    • The show said the island had a fresh source of water.

    • @meatballs21 yeah I guess they did but I would have had help pretty quick with the satellite phone but the OP never even gave a response back and I was the first one that came up with that idea on this post

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  • Pot, batteries (help start fires), knife, chlorine tablets (filter water) and so