Is my mother jealous?

I was telling her about this new class that I joined and how exciting it was, she was really quiet.

Later on she was yelling at me for no real reason and I said why did I tell you about it you and your jealousy.

She didn't deny it.


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  • Why is she jealous? Because she didn't deny it? I wouldn't either, because I'd think it's ridiculous and just find it funny. I mean, it's not like she can't join a class if she really wanted to right? It's not a thing that's hard like losing weight, passing the class, having amazing hair etc... It's joining a class.

    • No she can't, and she knows it.

      My dad wouldn't pay for her to join.

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    • So then your dad doesn't need to pay for it like you said then, she could just go for free if she really wanted to?
      This all just sounds weird. Do you guys have a weird mother daughter relationship or what? Like do you get on?

    • That is exactly my point. IF she can go free why not go free? She was making it about an ego thing because both of us knew my dad would never pay tuition for her to go to school. He thinks she's very dumb.

      She takes any and every opportunity she gets to try to exploit any weakness of mine because I know it is the only way she knows to feel better about herself

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  • That's really sad, but maybe she has a mental disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia. It's really hard to say she's jealous of you because you joined a class

    • Trust me she is just like that.

      She can't tolerate me joining anything that she doesn't already have.

  • She's jealous because you joined a class? 😐

    • She is jealous if anyone has something she doesn't have.

  • i doubt your mom is jealous & i think there's more to it than your saying

  • Yeah probably..

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