How to fix a reputation?

I was on a sex site and i was only with 2 girl on the site. But i talked to many and sent face pics and obviously dick pics. I enjoyed flirting with people when i was bored.
I recently getting into a job which requires me to be more of a public figure. So should i embrace my past and say that my privacy? or should i lie and say that was in my past when i was younger. Im currently engaged to a girl that i didn't meet on there but she knows obviously.
Any adivce guys anything?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Come up with an excuse. There are some thing that I will never tell a soul because trust down the line when that person is upset they may throw it back in your face or they will never fully trust you.


What Guys Said 2

  • Ugh just embrace it and don't mention it.

  • Just make up some bullshit excuse and be creative with it, maybe you could say that you were really drunk or some shit at the time when you made and shared those pictures online.