In what way does "White Priveledge" exist?

The top 3 most well off races/ethnicities in America are non white. Indian Americans, Japanese Americans, Taiwanese Americans make an average of above $67,000


The white American is number 10 in most well off. Even nigerian americans make an average of $61,000.

So is it race?


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  • Tf! Is that my uncle? He looks just like him omg

    • Your uncle voted Trump?

    • Possibly, he's an accountant so he's always been snooty

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  • I can understand the confusion here. It's true, the white American is not the highest paid group in the US and it's not particularly close. However, Asians are extremely high achievers in both academics and the work place so that's what accounts for their high salaries (across both genders). Where I think white privilege persists is in the dead weight that exists at every company. Say you have a group of 11 engineers on your team. It's always the case that three of them do 90% of the work while the other eight do almost nothing. These slackers are dominated by white males as they proudly proclaim that they work."smarter, not harder". A person of color could never get away with being as unproductive as these white people while still keeping their job. The movie Office Space sort of jokes about this phenomena, but I don't think people really accept how true it is.

    This isn't to say that all white people are slackers as in fact, I think the best very, very best workers I've ever worked with have almost all been white. I don't believe that white people are dumber or lazier than the rest -- I just think that in this country, they're extremely entitled and that has led to laziness and complacency. This is why you have a whole group of them in the midwest who rail over the fact that they can't get paid 3x the median salary anymore for screwing in bolts when what they really should be doing is keeping up with technology and the changing economy.

    • so how do you explain the black Africans doing very well? They also beat white americans and black americans.

      10% of white people drop out of high schools vs 1% of Asians and 31% of black americans and only 6% of African americans.

      71% of black americans grow up with a single parent out of wedlock. Most Asian families have both parents at the highest and white isn't verry high there either.

      I personally think the state needs to stop being the nanny to the black community. Don't let the state take the position of the black father, instead. Police the black community more to allow them to have an opportunity to grow business and change a lot of the negative asspects of the culture.

    • You ask this question, because even after I wrote the above, you don't get it. You think it's some sort of skin color thing, but it's a culture issue. African immigrants kick ass because they have the same immigrant attitude that makes Asians kick ass. African Americans are Americans, so they have all of the cultural disadvantages of American complacency combined with the fact that they're additionally economically and socially oppressed. But all you see is the black color of their skin and you immediately think that a Nigerian or Ethiopian immigrant is just like an African American when they're nothing alike in terms of their cultural upbringing.

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  • It doesn't exist at all.

  • Huh, Nigerian Americans? How many are of these? A few thousand? Nigeria being an oil exporting country, imagine the Nigerians here would be working in that sector, which pays above average wages.

    • No white privilege? Look at the poverty rates by race/ ethnicity:

  • It's easier to be a white person in dating world.

    Right to bear arms is cool and patriotic for a white guy. Blacks and Arabs. Forget about it.