Shy and not, how weird?

put me in a room with boys I know and im feeling good
put me in a room with girls I sort of know and you can be sure I'll be in a corner avoiding almost everyone

around most girls im a very shy guy
(avoid being near them, looking at ground when passing that kind of things)
but with some im not like that
do you have that sometimes?
and how to feel more at ease around them, because it's pretty annoying
and go talk to them is kinda difficult because im pretty shy around girls


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  • Well it seems your lacking a bit of confidence. I can only assume you have some sort of insecurity or insecurities that is restricting you from being confident and relaxed around girls. Work on those insecurities and u possibly will find that it kills that lack of condense. Otherwise the best thing to do when ur around girls to make them feel comfortable with you and vice versa is to act positive. Always have a smile, laugh, be energetic, don't act shy or tired. The last thing a girl wants is a guy who doesn't act enthusiastic for or around them. Ask lots of questions, act interested, be open about ur opinion don't avoid saying things because you think they will react badly to it. Trust me girls want confident guys. Good luck!

  • We all are for some reason

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