Is there a point to trying not to cry?

I used to cry so much. Hours and hours. Severe depression for two years.

I sometimes feel like i've lost my beauty because of it.

Now I don't feel bad the few times I do cry. Almsot like it's already gone what's the point?


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  • It's true, you're ugly now, let it flow!

    • I hate you.

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    • I worked very very temporarily in finance. Doesn't it bore you staring at excel spreadsheets all day long?

      I know it sounds really stupid lol but I remember thinking I'm too pretty to be wasting my life staring at spreadsheets and being significant to absolutely no one.

      I got into the field thinking it was what 'smart people did,' but then I felt like... isn't there more to life than this?

      Do you think my mode of thinking was stupid? I'm starting to realize there is no such thing as a perfect job and for that matter, a perfect life

    • Well, my job, in finance has a lot of people action in it. To be completely honest I spend less than 10% of my time looking at a computer screen and the other 90% solving real-world problems between all sorts of individual parties. While I'm a numbers guy I actually do more with human relations and what those numbers mean than the actual calculating and valuation of items.

      But I thought we hated me? We should get on that!

      However, no, you aren't foolish for thinking there was more to life than this particular field and the field is wide so perhaps you found the wrong job in the correct field which DID happen to me. I DID at one point stare at a computer screen all day and while I didn't mind it I got bored quickly and needed a more dynamic accounting job. Now I have it. Shit. It's hard as fuck.

      I miss the easier money some days. :p

      Back to hating me.

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  • I just don't like crying because it makes me look and feel weak. I should be able to control my emotions.

    • I know what you mean

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • it makes you stronger... and help to gain control of yourself

    • Ah.

      But it spoils beauty I think.

      I look... different

  • Nothing wrong with crying, I personally don't like it because it makes me tired.

    • It burns the blood

      OR that's what it feels liek

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  • I hope you're good, but its best not to let it build up, let it come out when it needs to