Girls, Should I break it or keep it?

Ok well first off I'm a big softie and for the most part in some situations is a bad thing like this. I have been trying for a real long time to break off this "thing" I don't know what you'd call it. Because I'm tired of being a pushover and I'm basically so turned off that he's not even appealing anymore. I only exist when he needs or wants something and it's been over a year I've been ignoring him. And I've tried not to think because my nice nature kicks in and all my hard work would go to waste. I just think I need a push or a shove towards the right direction without my feelings getting in the way.


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  • DUDE BREAK IT OFF... he sounds like he's only using you (sorry that was kind of mean) the more you keep it standing the harder it gets to say no... break up girl i know you can do it

    • Thank you I really needed that push instead of turning the back

    • np :)

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