How do you reverse bad luck?

i used to be a very optimistic fun bubbly girl until i accidentally broke a mirror 6 years ago... i didn't really believe in that 7 years of bad luck thing till now that i realized that I've had bad luck since then... like these whole six years have been bad, I've fallen into deep depression, couldn't get a job and when i did get the job i got fired a month later or i ended up quitting 2 days later because of this horrible anxiety... i pretty much became agoraphobic through the years... my love life always fails and back in a day before i broke the mirror everything was good people loved me i was more mature i was fearless... now im a complete different person extremely insecure and it's driving me crazy... does anyone know how to reverse all this?


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  • Let me think. You're highest possible age is 24 so the highest age prior to the break is 18. The age difference and difference in place of life strongly suggest that what you're experience has nothing to do with a mirror and just with meeting brutal reality as an adult.

    • it really sucks to be 24 years old and unemployed living with parents cause you can't get a job or drive a car because of you're mental dysfunction (short term memory and short attention span) and feel extremely horrible about yourself because everyone your age even 16 yr olds are ahead of you in life... and nothing goes as you planned or wish while other people have it all their own place a job/career good relationship ... im old i should at least have my own place a job

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    • so it means i probably have bad luck

    • That may be the case that others dealt with it in different ways but looking at it long-term it doesn't sound like it's bad luck or a mirror at all. As a matter of fact the deeper questions I ask the more likely it isn't. But you asked for help not for an inquisition so I'll shut up.

      I can't help with "luck".

  • Blow a leprechaun.


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  • I'm sorry, but it seems to me that it's all in your head, it's called autosuggestion I believe
    I have vague memories of breaking mirrors, especially the ones I carry on my purse lol your "bad luck" has nothing to do with it so don't look for excuses and do something about it 😊👍

    • i try nothing ever works out