What Is Your Story?

Everyone has a story, and I'm curious what your life has been like so far. Anonymous and private opinions are allowed for this. I'll likely choose MHO based on how detailed the responses are, since there is no "right or wrong" and "helpful or unhelpful" answer. Thank you for your time. :)

On second thought, maybe MHO will be given to whoever answers the question correctly.


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  • My parents were relatively young when I was born. The first few years of my life with them were spent in the upstairs half of a drunkard Russian carpenter who was known for drinking obscene amounts of vodka, yet somehow managing to operate heavy machinery as good as the next guy. My father was a young programmer, working hard to keep up in a difficult world without a college degree, my mother had her eye set on climbing the corporate ladder as a black woman working leadership roles in human resources departments.

    Eventually we got our own house. I still remember the kids on that block. I was the youngest there and sort of looked up to the older kids who I played with. We used to play hide and seek and anyone's backyard was fair game.

    My parents went on to make 6 figures and achieve the American dream, a big house in a nice neighborhood. They were practically kids and against so many odds, still did well thorough teamwork and perseverance.

    Eventually my parents began arguing. My mother got jealous of the people we lived around. Relatively speaking, we were small fish in a big pond. She took the best qualities of everyone around us and compared that to my father. For years, I saw him kill himself trying to make her happy. Whether it was by doing all the chores the woman usually does or by digging trenches in the back yard until his hands were bloody from blisters, all while being yelled at, all while never being appreciated. Not a single thank you came from her mouth that I ever saw. She threw things at him. It was like all the things the man usually does to the woman she did to my dad. He never laid a finger on her and it was all probably in the name of setting a good example for me.

    I had my own problems though, I couldn't make any friends in my new school. People ripped on me for every little thing and I tried to be cool about it but when your young at that age and your not sure how to react, it just affects you. I got really depressed. I stopped trying in school. My life every day from the time I was in 2nd grade was to go to school, be ignored, left out made fun of, and wait for the bus alone. I would get dropped off alone and I would walk home from the bottom of the hill alone where I spent 4 hours a day in an empty home.

    It wasn't so bad. I was into movies. All I spent my time doing was watching movies, playing video games and learning how to make movies.

    • Every day I read all I could, watched as many videos as I could find about things like, how to compose a camera shot, the different types and their uses, editing techniques, terminology, how all sorts of different things worked. Even if I already knew it, I'd learn it again until it was sort of burned into my mind to a point that when I didn one day start shooting movies, or I got my hands on a camera. I only needed a few minutes to be able to shoot with it like I had owned it for months. I remember coming home this one day, I was really fed up with everything because I tried to hang out with someone and they just avoided me and I was so sad that I got home and started working on something, and I remember thinking to myself "What's the point of all this? If I can't get someone to want to hang out with me how will I convince anyone to make a movie with me?" and I remember tearing up. And they got all over my keyboard.

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    • Thank you very much for sharing your story, and in such great detail, too. I can relate to some of what you said. My mother's boyfriends were abusive towards her (even threatened to kill my whole family), and I've had very few friends. For the last few years, I've been doing what you did in 2nd grade. I do everything... Alone. I didn't get into movies as a hobby, but I DID get drawn to video editing. I know how to use every aspect of Sony Vegas.

      Again, thanks for sharing your story. :)

    • I'm sorry. No one should have to go through things like that. I remember what it felt like to be younger. People underestimate the maturity a 15 year old can have. It doesn't make those situations any better. If you ever want to talk, please don't ever feel strange about messaging me for any reason, even just to talk :)

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  • I'm the second born of three kids, I was my moms seventh pregnancy and I was very welcomed by my parents. I grew up taking care of my autistic, epileptic older brother and my four years younger sister, while my parents worked two to three jobs each to support us. I was expelled from school in third grade because I broke a kids arm when I caught him strangling my brother. From then on I was homeschooled. I suffered depression from my school days well into adulthood and it was at it's worst when I was nine. When I was nine, we were in a car crash that left my mum permanently disabled and incapable of moving around. I took on the role of mother, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my then five year old sister. My dad went back to two jobs after the accident so he could cover mum's medical bills so we never really saw him until I was thirteen and the medical aid finally paid out. I grew up in a small religious town from the age of nine where we were very isolated and shunned because we're Buddhist. It's a rural area and to this day we live here and keep horses and tons of golden retrievers. Now I'm 20 and I'm off to college to study Hospitality Management next year. So my life has been fairly grown up and busy. I enjoyed it so far though, because there is always something to make up for the bad


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  • I'm going to gloss over the younger years cause it was all pretty standard and boring. My parents got divorced when I was six and my mom moved with me from PA to CA I was only able to see my dad and his side of the family twice a year after that. I was always really good at school until I got to high school I was picked on and stop trying so I failed a lot of my classes. By the end of my sophomore year I had failed so many classes I wasn't going to graduate so I moved to a continuation school for my junior year. During Christmas break of my junior year I visited my dad in PA and he offered to let me live with him and I accepted. After I caught up with where I was supposed to be I moved to PA for my senior year I started volunteering as a firefighter with my father and got my first job. I graduated with straight A's my senior year and continued to volunteer at the fire department while I went to college for electronic technology. I lasted a year in that major and decided it wasn't right for me I wanted to be a paid firefighter. I took a year off of school to work and save money. After three years of volunteering I moved back to CA because the best and toughest academies are there. When I arrived I found out all of my friends had left either for school or the military I was alone in a town of 500 people. I got certified as an EMT and passed a firefighter 1 academy. After graduating from the academy I was offered an six month internship as a paid firefighter to gain experience I accepted and completed the internship. Finding a job as a firefighter was very difficult in fact I never found one I took a job as dock worker driving a forklift after two years of nothing. Two months into my job as a dock worker I crushed my foot and now have permanent damage. I can't pass a firefighter physical test anymore so I'm going back to school for a different career.

  • I am writing this novel basically answering the question to what's outside our consciousness.
    Detail: we feel, breath, think, hear, taste, and even see from inside our bodies. Never have experienced anything outside our 6 senses. Upon this experience you the reader will ener into a new life of pure darkness and only thing is lighting the ground is your spirit. Your obstacles are other people ways of abusing this information. Some use there spiritual energy to bring others down.

    Theme: basically it targets the real life physical aspect of how humans. They will do anything to get to the top but once they stop and think that it's better to do it as team effort rather alone and insecure. then every one is enlightened.

    • That is not what I mean by your story, but okay...

    • I know, but that's what I'm doing. Hardly do anything else since I work a lot.

    • But what was your life journey? What brought you to where you are? That's what I'm asking.

  • I was born
    Went to school for a while
    Got into college and graduated
    Did some sports for a good while
    Traveled to a few states and countries
    Poof, ta da!

  • -randomly dated, had random jobs,
    -went to prison
    -Started smoking
    -moved 2,000kms away from hometown alone
    -got married
    -got a good job
    -bought a house
    -bought a rich house
    -had a baby
    -lost job
    -started a business
    -lost rich house
    -shut down struggling business
    -wife when cold on me (of course)
    -moved 2000kms back to hometown alone
    -quit weed
    -bought an apt. building
    -Became a total loner with no friends
    -dedicated myself more to working out and nutrition
    -stayed a loner with no friends
    -bought 2nd building
    -stayed a loner except a random drunk girl kissed me but her mouth tasted like shellfish
    -quit smoking
    -bought a 3rd building
    And here I am

    I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year... lol

  • Ever seen Breaking Bad? That's basically my life story😎

  • I was born into an intensely Christian household, my childhood has few moments of note, besides the birth of my two little brothers and my little sister. As a kid I was alway a little bigger than the other children, and stronger as well, this always gave me an edge in athletics and caused me to become highly competitive. I hit puburty fairly early on, giving me further athletic advantage.

    In jr. high however, due to my intense focus on sports and school I had begun to neglect the developememt of social skills, around this time I started to become socially withdrawn, and began to iscolate myself.

    This problem only got worse when I got to high school, I has stopped socializing with others, I just didn't know how to communicate with them on any meaningful level any more. To make matters worse after puberty I had stopped growing, so other kids were finally catching up to me in size, and I started to lose the aspect of myself that I had always used to define my excellence. I managed to keep up, but I stopped being a dominant force.

    My first crush began in jr. high, however I handled my feelings very poorly and behaved in an inappropriate and in retrospect creepy manner. I called her excecivly, despite us having never become established as a dating. She never said no to me, but she implied it, however with my lack of social skills all hints were lost on me and I continued persist. After 2 years of creepily stalking this girl she finally told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted me to stop persueing her. So I did.
    The next time I developed a crush I was far less creepy, but equally inept. I wrote original, and aweful, poetry for her, leaving them on her desk unsigned. After a few months I finally built up the courage to talk to her, and was shot down. This triggered my first intense episode of depression.

    I began to consider scuicide heavily. It continually occupies my thoughts for about a year. Until I started seeing a therapist. He helped me realize that I had neglected to develope socially since I was young and helped me learn to deal with my emotions in a healthy manner. There is more, but I am running low on characters in the post, so I'll stop here rather than proceed.

    • When presented with a normal and healthy life (mostly), you still got depressed? I'm just curious. I'm not being mean. It's interesting how anyone can be depressed. Those that had a shitty life stay depressed, so I hope you got better, at least.

    • I am significantly better now, however the truth is tgat depression has more to do with a neurochemical imbalance, than having a shitty life.

    • Oh I know, but it's mainly the later one. It can also be from a lack of vitamins or sleep. Those with a reason to be sad, though, typically stay depressed.

      It's good that you're better.

  • I moved to Atlanta, Georgia after living in Florida most of my life and I did so to ask care of my mom. It's almost been four years since I have seen my friends in Florida and I'm very homesick at the moment. Next year I'm planning on taking a road trip to Florida so I can see my friends again for the first time in years.

    And I'm trying to figure out where I stand with this girl that has been flirting with me at work.

    So right now things seem okay at the moment


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  • There's not enough time in the day to tell my story. I'd mostly likely get a WTF at the end or a lot of blank stares followed up by a series of questions.

  • I'm a person who was given into adoption at an early age, raised and home schooled by a police detective, taught police procedures since young age. I got pregnant when I was 12-13, due to curiosity about sex. Graduated from university at age 16, and joined the navy and served for 1 year. Continued my studies, and then started working with the police, where I currently work.

  • Born to a woman who used to be the daughter of a professional assassin. Trained since young age in the martial arts, combat arts, and killing arts; raised to be a killing machine. Homeschooled, enrolled in the university around age 8. Joined the military after finishing undergraduate studies. Got some graduate degrees while in the military. Now I'm taking some time to raise my children.

  • I can't tell it. It has only just begun.

  • If I write my story people will cry and feel bad for me. No thanks.

    • I'm curious, though. It's for my own private research. If you don't want sympathy, I won't give it.

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    • A link to a Google Drive document would work. It's okay if you don't want to share it, though. I understand.

    • Okay thanks. Like I said I never really open up to people and it's a sad story.

  • Right now im struggling with crush confusion

  • I was born to two almost-thirty-year-olds of different ethnicities, I was their first child. As a baby, I didn't like playing in the dirt, and I took 0 interest in my little sister. As a child, I was quiet because things weren't always quiet at home. I did very well in school, my teachers all adored me, and I had a lot of friends. As I got older, I didn't want to go to church because it was boring, and I was always sleepy because it was very hard for me to fall asleep. Looking back, and comparing my symptoms to the present, I'm quite sure I have restless leg syndrome. I also had a lot of nightmares and my mother would often wrap her arms around me until I fell asleep again. I always liked pets, and played a lot outside with my sister making up imaginary characters and stories. In middle school and early high school, I started dressing more girly. And though I had many male friends as a child, once I hit puberty, I wasn't friends with boys anymore. This trend continued through most of high school, though I had one male friend I would go on to date. I had a few friends, and we were very close. I always enjoyed laughing and being silly. In school, I did very well except in one class which I failed. However, I still worked hard and got high honors at graduation. The relationship I had most of high school failed senior year and I dated a new person. That also failed. In college, I made friends relatively well but didn't like university policies, so, I left. At my new school, I found it very hard to make friends. I still have not made any real friends here, and it's been over 2 years. Since going to this school, I also have a new boyfriend, and we've been dating for a couple years now. I now live with an old high school friend, and that's going very well. In college, my grades are good in most subjects but I struggle in some of the required courses and it makes my GPA fall. I want to do better. After college, I want to move far away from where I am now and spend my life learning and applying my knowledge helping animals and people coexist. And for me, I want to live with my partner, have children, and own a farm where things are peaceful and nature is all around.