How much do you?

How much land do you need to have 6 cows 4 pigs 3 goat's 2 horses I don't know like 15 ta 18 chickens 5 grease plus room to grow things like weat hay fruit veggies and such?


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  • You're probably looking at close to 10 acres just for that many cows, horses, and goats. Figure another 5-6 more for the pigs, chickens, geese, and space to grow some food. So probably about 15 acres should work pretty nice. You can do that with less, but you might be cramping the animals, especially if you plan on breeding them.

    • I had no intention of making the animals uncomfortable a pissed off bull isent good at all ๐Ÿ˜‚ I plan on giving everyone room and space

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    • I'd highly recommend contacting the 4H and FFA groups. I'm sure they're online. If you plan on being a vet, then I'd recommend going into large animal vetinary. You'll have 1st hand knowledge of your own animals and be able to treat them on your own. You have an interesting future ahead of you!

    • I planned on working with big animals my blood line is from Maine so I'm not a little bitty girl I'm broad shoulder and long arms lol I'm strong enough right now that if my dad laid down I could drag him a block and he's around 280 so for my size trying to do surgery on a hamster would be really hard lol I'd be kinda like a hulk trying to drive a clown car ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • a lot, you would want separate areas for live stock and crops, unless you mean like in a garden then maybe not as much. Luckily you can put the cows, horse, and goats on the same land, pigs and poultry you should keep penned

    • Yeah I know how it's done I know what can be kept together what can't what to feed and what is best for the job I just have trouble figuring out how much land I would need

    • are you talking a full blown farm or what

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