What's a good method for storing or transferring pictures and videos?

I worked as a nanny for a while and I've since had to move away, and I have all these pictures and videos of the baby on my phone that I want to give to the parents somehow. I tried making a special Imgur account but I don't think they let you upload videos (and uploading the pictures alone is proving to be a headache with that site).

Any advice?


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  • Have you tried using google drive?

    • No, how does it work?

    • I'm uploading them, I have to do it one at a time so that'll get a little tedious but that's okay. But can the parents get access to them after?

    • you can drag and drop multiple files, or even a folder; I would advise you to put them all in a folder, and share the folder to the parents (the share button provides a link to the folder if the parents don't have a Google account)