How do you know you're ready for baptism (Christians) (Answer asap)?

So I've been attending church for almost 1 year. I can say that this whole time it's been a learning experience for me. I've learned about all the things that I've been doing wrong and also what it truly means to be christian. I know for adults it is hard to follow Christ. Being a teen makes it harder. I know there is no exuses. Anyway my pastor has been wanting to baptise me. He said to me that the only thing that prevents you from being baptized is repeatedly sinning even after you said you wouldn't and also lack of faith. I'm not going to lie sometimes I do question my faith but I keep going to church. Lately, it's been hard for me to control my tongue and the the things that come out of my mouth. I notice myself saying things without thinking. Maybe because cursing has become a habit since HS and I know as a christian I shouldn't. Another thing is my mind is sometimes thinking about things it shouldn't (this is embrassing but yes it consists of sexual thought) and in the world they say it's normal because of your hormones. But also I find myself yearning to be changed. I feel like God nends me to change. I know I have to change not only for Christ but myself. I know th his is a big committment. I do want to be baptized but I have these doubts. How do you know when it is time? Also what I'm saying is I haven't been acting like a a Christian does this prevent me from baptism?


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  • You should wait. I've been thinking about it too but this decision will stick to your forever and change in many ways, it is a lifetime commitment so it's better if you wait more until you are certain that there is no other path but the one you've chosen.


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  • Even the most devout Christians have doubts at times, and will sin on multiple occasions during their lifetimes.
    It's normal to have imperfect thought, we're mortal, we sin and we make mistakes. It's more about the commitment of trying to be better and getting closer to God.
    The idea of Baptism is to wash away previous sins (more specifically the original sin) denying Satan from your life and accepting God.

    So really if you can say you're ready to let God/Jesus into your life and heart then I say you're ready for Baptism. Remember none of us are perfect.


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