Guy stares but doesn't approach me?

so there's a guy in my class ( shy and doesn't really talk as much) who's always looking back at me.. now i sit behind him to the left and he's always looking back. either quickly or he'll just look once nodded after we made eye contact for a few secs (was awkward).. anyways, a friend asked him why he looks at me in class and he said because I'm pretty.. why doesn't he approach me then. I approached him a few times and ask him stuff, he answers but he doesn't keep the conversation going afterwards. We end up going our separate ways.. lol


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  • If he's shy then he is probably afraid of the result. Afraid of being embarrassed. "Approach Anxiety" is something shy people have. They want to make a move (or for you to make a move) but get too nervous and try to avoid it until later. And it just keeps repeating. If you got interest in him then you make the first move and try to keep the conversation going. Don't ask "Yes or No" questions. Create a discussion that can have multiple opinions and comments. A conversation that doesn't have a specific answer that ends everything.


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