I feel so heartbroken I can't move - this world is too cruel?

I'm literally sat here crying over a dog I dont even know
all I had to read were the words 'dog' and 'died'
yet another dog sacrificed itself for pitiful humans
he could have been saved
he could still be happily frolicking around right now
but no, he had to save disgusting humans.
sure, i'll feel remorse for a human baby.
but i just read any post about animals and it takes only a few seconds for me to cry my heart out. it hurts so much to sit here not being able to do anything while innocent animals die. none of them ever even deserved this. my main point is that this world is so damn cruel.. it has me crying right now and i can't move a muscle. my heart feels too heavy and hurts so much right now. everything is just so fucked up. humans make everything worse. it's so annoying that all i can do is sit here and sob until it hurts too much. please dont tell me to stop being such a wimp or to just accept that this happens. it wouldn't help at all. i mostly needed to just vent about this.. but if you have any advice, please.. it hurts too much to keep on hurting.


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  • If you love animals it's never pleasant when you read about one dying in cruel or unpleasant circumstances. I love dogs and so I too struggle to read about any particular cruelty involving dogs. The world is not cruel in itself, it's just that some human beings can be cruel. It's important to remember the word 'some', because for every person harming an animal there is a person loving or trying to save an animal. You can't only focus on the bad in the world, you have to also give time to the good in the world. There are plenty of clips available on Youtube of human beings risking personal danger to save animals in distress.

    Also, sometimes those who commit cruel acts are the products of cruel acts. Not always, but sometimes. We are quick to condemn evil acts but often we don't see the whole chain of events. Suffering doesn't justify suffering, but if we had a better handle on why people turn out to be cruel then we might be able to prevent more cruelty in the world. If an abused child turns into an animal abuser, we as society failed that child long before they ever failed society.

    Death happens in life, every day and across every species. More insects, plants and trees die in the world every day than animals. If we start to discriminate about which forms of life are more important then aren't we just as bad? We cannot let every death stop us from functioning because we'd be emotional wrecks. Try and remember that every death is met by new life in most cases. Nature has a way of balancing things out like that. Focus on the positives and use your energy to make a difference to things that upset you. Getting upset in itself serves nothing unless you get up and change something.

    • you're right about everything and all..
      but it's still painful as hell. I honestly don't understand people who can move past deaths so quickly though and disregard them as casual things. It's just nothing to be calm about.. and I jjust can't..

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  • You sound like a retard, no offense. Yeah, dogs are lovely. But seriously? You're heartbroken about this?

    Go to 3rd world countries and see for yourself what there is to be heartbroken about.

    • You do realize that adding ''no offense'' doesn't make it any less offensive?

      How is caring about animals - one of the most amazing things we have on this planet, especially dogs and cats who have hearts of pure gold and just want to love and be loved back - retarded at all?

      I am indeed heartbroken. And of course there are a lot more things that happen in the world to be sad about, but anything concerning animals just strikes me really hard. I'm also heartbroken because, guess what the root of all these problems is? Fucking humans. They're the cancer of everything.

    • Yeah, I was just trying to be nice.

      Yeah, there's no sense of compassion so what you're saying is just illogical. Whatevs im not having this convo with you.

    • :/
      What do you even mean you were ''trying to be nice''? Your comment wasn't nice at all, plus why are you acting like such a child and yet you're 20 years old?

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  • The world is very cruel. Sorry you have to experience it. I feel this is something that parents should teach their kids, so they don't experience what you're experiencing right now. The disillusionment.

    But. I wonder why you care for animals more than you do humans. If a dog has rabies, then he will attack you without question. If a dog has been harmed in the past, he will view humans as enemies and attack. Humans are no different. They only attack if they have been damaged, themselves, or feel threatened. Or if they are sick. Humans are also animals. On the same hand, animals can be even more disgusting than humans. The only difference is level of ability.

    The world is cruel. But you just have to adapt to it.

    Reminds me of Supernatural. Main thing is at 2:19-2:30


    Here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBQEtMrmNt4

    Eat something. Get some sleep. You'll wake up more stable.

    • oh man.. thanks for that video. i can so easily become wrapped up in the negativity everywhere and forget about the kindness some people do show. cheered me up.

      personally I think I've just always grown up hating the people around me.. my family was never really the best one at supporting me or caring for me or anything, and to be honest we're not much of a family at all. major conflicts in the house since early childhood. i was never very sociable since i was scared of being judged. I've also used the internet since i was very little. instead of going out to play i would just stay inside sometimes, maybe miss school purposely. as i grew up and started to become more conscious about both myself and the world around me it was quite easy to see all the horrible things humans did on social media and newspapers. and the negativity in this world definitely tops the positivity. so I've honestly never liked people at all.

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    • Part of learning about the evils of the world is like the 5 stages of grieving. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sort of. You have to move past the sadness and into acceptance. The serenity prayer is appropriate. "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Very important. Accepting the things you cannot change. On the same hand, acceptance doesn't mean you have to support evil. "Be the change you want to see in the world."

      There will be many more things you see in the world that will be painful. Just try to remember that there is also good. And get out there and socialize! You can find some people that are like you. Just dont start out hating them, though i understand the impulse. Give them a chance to prove to you that they can be worthwhile. Hobbies, school clubs, stuff like that. ^_^

      sorry to lecture you. But i remember what it was like having to adapt

    • Hey, sorry for replying so late.
      thanks so much for all the advice you offered

  • Writing your feelings somewhere is a good way to cool and get it out of your system. I've done it a few times. There is always something messed up out there. Never expect things to be perfect. These things happen and it's best to see it as another one of those sad occurrences that happen all the time. So don't think too much about it as if it's a one-time tragedy.
    Hope you feel better.

  • You are a great person for caring for animals and I respect you so much for this. I love animals too. You can join some activist community where you live for animals rights

  • Yeah humans are pretty wicked but Nature and life itself if even more cruel. You should read how animals just die.

    • Wow.. thank you so much.. not. id rather jump into lava or do anything besides that.

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