How to get better at outside-the-box thinking?

I'm very procedural. I don't often stop to think about other unconventional or unlikely possibilities, ideas, or solutions. How can I improve my outside-the-box thinking?


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  • Id recommend looking at artworks online and try to interpret as many meanings as you can with various elements of the artwork used as evidence. Then google the artworks meaning cause you will find that a lot of people will have different interpretations. I've studied art majority of my life and nothing gets you thinking outside the box like understanding and analysing the concept behind an illustration 😊 If you dont like that try reading fantasy books but art is the best way 👌

  • Do you ever get an opportunity to talk to little kids, like nieces or nephews? They are masters at saying things from an angle you never knew existed. Or strike up a conversation with an old person at the bus stop, that can really change your perspective. Or just have a spliff..


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