Could anyone please give me an estimated monthly cost of living in Canada?

If you could give a breakdown (food, rent, transportation, etc), it would be nicer.

I'm planning on working in Canada (either in Ontario, Montreal, or Toronto) next year but I can't find a decent website that shows an estimated monthly cost of living in Canada.

Someone please help?


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  • Big city rent is expensive. $1000 and up for a decent place.
    $400 a month food
    Cell phone about $100 per month
    Toronto Transit is $3.25 per trip, $43 for week pass.

    • Thanks loads! Do you live in Canada? You think 55,000CAD/year is an okay-ish starting salary?

    • Yes, I live near London, Ontario. $55 to start is great! You'll do fine! $60k and up is considered "good" money. $45k and down where you can struggle with a mortgage, bills and kids.

    • Thaaanks!

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  • Well those places are more expensive than other places. For a single person in the Maritimes and trying to live frugally together my boyfriend and I spend about 1000. 700ish for rent, 100ish for Internet and electricity, 200ish for good but depends on the sales and then whatever you spend on entertainment

    • Transportation depends on what you use. Your own far, bike, bus etc

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    • Thanks loads!

    • I thanks for MHO

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  • Economy is shit over here so that's one thing to keep in mind, also housing is somewhat expensive. I don't know an estimated or exact price but it is somewhat pricey over here.

    Plus trump is gonna build a wall around us Snow Mexicans :/

  • A Hilary supporter. LMAO!


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  • I know Health Insurance is Free, but the Wait is Soooooo... "Out of Date." Meaning, even to Make an Appointment to See a Doctor.
    However, other than that, from When I had Went to Several of the Cities, very Expensive with a Lot of things. xx

    • Free even for immigrants? That'd be nice.

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    • Health insurance isn't free unless your job provides it. It is free to see a doctor though.

    • @Zendrya Oh, my bad, and thanks for the input, Lovely. xxoo