What is a "don't care attitude?" How to incorporate it into everyday life without getting fired or arrested?

I never understood this. The way I see most people describe a "don't give a shit attitude" makes me wonder how they got anywhere in life if they don't care about boundaries. It baffles me. This, "I say what I want, when I want," attitude doesn't sit well with me because I wonder why they still have a job if they don't have a filter like they claim.

Maybe I'm not thinking about it in the right way? I'm so confused. I want to adopt that attitude but I still want to be a functioning member of society.


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  • "don't care attitude" is a misnomer. It really doesn't mean don't care, it only means, don't care when you fail and don't over value certain things.

    Be confident
    Don't obssess or hyperfocus on one thing
    Don't let failure slow you down
    Don't be afraid to express yourself
    Back it up with success at the right times

    No one wants someone that doesn't care, that's only for the movies and one second blurbs.


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