How to deal with not fitting in at work+ being critisized because of my personality?

I signed a one year contract with a company for a books sales position. It turns out later that it is a retail system. I decided to commit and sign for one year (I didn't follow my instinct as I am used to) putting in mind to take the challenge, break my ego, and get out of my comfort zone.
I am a sad person, little bit shy, usually described as non social, isolated person. But also smart, believe in passion as a motivation, with a very good heart, and modest needs...
I have worked hard and still, to be happy with who I am, to become more confident, and now I am proud of my personality and believe that each and every one of us have + and _.
I get along with few people but I don't with the rest : the majority.
I have no problem with that at all. I don't have problem with no one in fact. But it seems I am provoking most of people without intending to do so.
To brief, in work, and after only one week, I have been described by my managers and coworkers as : shy, weak, mean, pessimistic etc and that I need to change to fit in and to be more acceptable. Although I am a good sale person, I smile to clients, and I am a hard workers the things that managers admit to be true but it seems it is not enough.
My enthusiasm towards work has faded and I become embarrassed.
I know I can't be someone else. And all coworkers hates me.
What is your advice? I feel that it is hard for them now to change the way they think about me.


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  • Actually the way they judged from the first week is rude.. i believe this company follow what many organizations around the world do which is beat the new person and destroy their confidence
    I was training at a place then got a job even though nobody wanted me first meeting the boss kicked me out they evaluated me low in communication becaus ethey just hated my honesty so did i change? No did i used this negative feedback to push myself? Yes
    Honestly thats all what u can do.


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  • Its impressive that you work on yourself and keep an openmind. But this position doesn't really seem like a good fit for your personality type. Are you sure this is what you want to do? Not that there is anything wrong with you or the job because it sounds like you have some great qualities that might be better suited in another job.


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  • I am unsure of what your actual question is.


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  • I wouldn't care ab friends at work in there to get the money

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