How would you feel if someone committed suicide because they constantly get trolled or harassed online?

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  • It's good that the weak die out so the genepool is stronger
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Like why do people just you know, get off the computer and do something else or at the very least stay off messaging and social media where they won't be bothered?

    Like it's not even that hard. If I'm being insensitive then sorry I just truly don't understand. It seems sooooo easy to fix.

    • Yeah I think the same. Unless the bullies are those the person knows in real life and are using the internet to bully them, then that's a different case.

    • I totally agree with you. It really is a simple fix.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think I would have mixed emotions. Of course I would feel bad for the person that decided to take their own life. But it would kind of annoy me that at the same time that they would take the opinions and words of people over the internet so seriously. They have to realize that there really are shitty people in this world that just like to get online and be jerks. People will say anything behind a keyboard but in real life, a lot of them don't have the balls to say the things they say online to a persons face. Yes it does happen in real life, but I'm going off of your initial question. But then I get angry like damn... grow some backbone and ignore it or stand your ground. They don't know the people, why does their opinion bother them that much. The people that matter to them should be the opinions that matter.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i'd feel very angry
    and if it was possible for me to beat the shit out of those people who trolled and harassed that person online, i totally would

  • It is all of that anti bullying crap they do in schools. It has made people mentally weaker so they can't handle some mean messages by strangers.


What Girls Said 2

  • Suicide is always a wrong choice but I would feel sad that this person had no one to help and support.

  • i'd feel sad