Random facts about you?

Sometimes, i like to hear about the random things about people. Things that people might find interesting or generally most people don't know about. I feel like i identify with them more easily when i learn these things about them. What are a few random things about you?

My left ankle is hypermobile, i tend to fall at random times for no reason and have had to seek medical attention 3 times in my life for injuries sustained in these falls

I have caught a 2.5 meter white sturgeon

I love chickfila

As a child, my parents were very strict, i rarely left my house unless it was for school and was forced to study at home... i signed up for every extracurricular activity i could just to get out of the house

I can cook the most awesome steak that will rival anything you will get at the best steakhouse, but its about the only thing i can cook

I have all of the video game consoles I've ever bought dating back to gameboy, ps1, xbox, N64... in total i probably have 25 different systems

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  • I love and collect video games, at this time i have over 1600 games and 30 consoles including handhelds... here's my collection here www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a25986-toad-1-s-video-game-collection-tour Maybe it might interest you since you still have lots of consoles :)

    I love cats, my current cat is named jack and he follows me around everywhere. he can't be in a room alone without me there.

    I have a BA in History which sadly i have done nothing with, but it looks good on my resume

    My favorite food i would say is peanut butter, anything with that in it ill pretty much devour

    I have 3 other siblings, two of them are married now. two of them have kids as well.

    I am still living in my parents house. yes im trying to move out, its difficult when you live in a very expensive area like LA. But i will do it eventually. its my current goal right now.

    I just got a new job with whole foods. starting out at part time for now but after a 6 month period ill be able to apply for full time and get their very great benefits. this job may just be my ticket out of this house

    • im wondering which systems you have, maybe you have some i still haven't gotten yet :o

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    • @RicanEyes I've seriously tried, its just not my thing. I always get it because i hear people talking about how good it is and then i just get bored with it.

    • Well at least you tried it out :-)

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  • 1. My pinky finger is broken because I lost consciousness a couple of years ago and woke up with a broken finger lol :P
    2. I've never been to a date and never kissed a guy (on the lips).
    3. I changed my major twice xD Medicine > Biology> Law.
    4. I have always been a foreigner. Never lived in my country, my Parents immigrated to the Middle East and I was born there, now it's my 4th year in France.
    5. I danced with the son of a King when I was a teen :p. ( he is 1 year older).
    6. I'm fluent in French, Arabic and English (somewhat). I wish I could be fluent in a 4th language, preferably East Asian (Mandarin or Japanese).

    • Wait your pinky finger never healed?

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    • maybe it'll help to break the other one, that way you'll at least be symmetrical

    • hahahaha OMG asker xD Never thought of this but it's not a stupid idea lol :p

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  • I've hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice, and most of the way two more times.

    I've hitch-hiked an estimated 15,000 miles. About a third of that was before I turned 18. Two longest rides were 1700 and 1200 miles.

    I was an illegal alien in Mexico (for less than an hour). HAH, it goes both ways.

    I had an invitation to West Point, which I turned down.

    I've never been to a doctor for a checkup in my adult life.

    I have never bought a cut of meat.

    I was a huge party animal when I was younger. Now I'm mostly a hermit and can go days without going anywhere.

    Put 2-3 dozen cookies in front of me and they'll be gone in less than an hour. (so don't put them there)

    I don't own a television

    I worked on an organic farm for a summer

    • ahh alternative lifestyle guy, i rode a donkey down the grand canyon and did a raft trip, but im pretty sure i couldnt hike it. Are you a hunter or a vegetarian or a talented thief maybe?

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    • THey had motorized, or 3 day trips you might wanna look into. It kinda sounds like you have already loked into them, what did you think about doing the shorter trips?

    • I've been wanting to do it for decades. I've been seriously tempting myself with youtube videos for several years now. I'd love to do a longer trip, even the full length canyon. But that's not realistic. So yea, a short three day trip would be better. I don't know if it will ever happen, but I seriously need a good adventure. I'm long overdue.

  • "I can cook the most awesome steak that will rival anything you will get at the best steakhouse, but its about the only thing i can cook"

    I accept your challenge!

    Actually this is funny because steak is one of the two things I can cook.

    Other random stuff, I graduated high school early. My parents were also strict (though not as strict it sounds). I have a decent ear for language. (I can recognize numerous languages based on their intonation and linguistic patterns.) I love animals. More than people.

    • The key to steak is mostly about getting a good quality cut. Find a place with a good cut and stick with that place and for goodness sake dont try to save money.

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    • I think people have their own way of doing things, i dont think i could do it your way and do it well without ruining like a years worth of steaks... im really a shitty cook, i do the best i can i learned one way, im gonna stick with it haha

    • Yup! I tend to be the same way. But I'm also trying to learn how to cook different things, so if I can expand my horizons I'm going to try to.

  • I have a really big nerdy side.

  • On bad days pull out the febreeze and flip undies inside out, fresh as a daisy
    I always lie, lying about lying right now
    Secretly want a zombie apocalypse
    Went on a date with a women named Suzy and she wore a pokadot dress and I gave her yellow flowers - then she said bite me... and I left

    • lol... now im not sure what is truth and what is not

    • Undies for sure
      Lying is a paradox cause if Im honest about lying but lying about lying, what does that make me,... an honest liar? πŸ˜‹
      Suzy was a stretch, it was actually a blow up doll at a party named suzy but no pokadot dress

      Ta-ta your majesty

  • I like Chick-fila too, it's been in Port Jeff Station for almost a year now, still have my Colecovision game console with Donkey King cartridge and others, can still ride a unicycle and walk on stilts, been able to drive a manual transmission since I was 16 and still drive a 10 speed tractor trailer, also have had a motorcycle license since 19 and Advanced class amateur radio license too but haven't been on in awhile

  • Well...

    I make chain maile jewelry. I also knit. I play games and watch anime. I have bad habits, lol, and no one knows cause I keep it on the low.

  • - I have a pilots licence
    - I play golf
    - I worked as a chef
    - I play a lot of games

    • Do you cook at home or do you just hate it now?

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    • Haha, she sucks at cooking too... :P but yeah i look after her when it comes to food, no cheap stuff either, ill go to the fish market at 4am just for razor clams or something, she eats really well lol.

    • We go clamming for razor clams a couple times a year... awesome stuff

  • I am dead in one ear

    I am also partially color blind. like reds/greens and blues/purple I have a real hard time with. Also if there is yellow font in the computer screen and the background is white, I cannot read it. I know the letter is there I just cant!!

    I don't have a hometown because I moved a lot in my life

    I'm also scared to go to college because being in debt scares the shit out of me

  • You have 25 game systems? :o

    • including handhelds yeah, maybe more, but most are packed up in boxes. Right now, i have a ps4, xbox one slim, xbox 360 and a wii U in my living room... the xbox360 is getting ready to head to the storage room i reckon. And i often trade systems in to upgrade so i actually have owned far more.

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    • @Toad-1 I've only seen one mod... it adds cloaks lol, that one didn't really beg me to come play again. I dont know about any other mods. Ill probably pick it up over Christmas.

    • @Toad-1
      For the original skyrim on the PC, there were mods like this..

      However, there is no guarantee it will be released for the Remastered Version on consoles. We will have to wait and see.

  • Im a quite , kind, naturally im very soft inside but i will be very tough when im angry or when needed.

    i can cook variety of foods , traditional foods and some other foods.

    my favorite food is pasta.

    i can play saz well ( a kurdish instrument).

    weird facts : sometimes i feel kind of depressed without reason , i still don't know why.

  • I am blonde.
    I collect controversial written works that you can't buy in stores.
    I have 7082 books in my library.

    • hmmm, do you read them all? and where do you get them?

    • I download most of them on torrenting sites. I have not read all the books. They are simply for consulting them should i need to know something. But i do plan to read several books in it.

  • - Was invited into group sex - but eventually almost turned into me voyeurism a threesome since I declined the friends. Then cops busted us as we were on a rooftop.

    - Have a criminal record for falsifying official documents. Isn't the worst I have done though

    - In 7th grade my IQ test from a psychologist figured I am in the top-realm of gifted children. I cancelled the class for it though because all the other kids my age were massively socially stunted.

    - I always get compared to a bear.

    - During my teens I have been involved (never started) in a handful of physical fights and each ended with a one hit KO so my friends nicknamed me Iron Fist.

    - My mom calls my shoes children-coffins since I was 10 years old (= big feet obviously)

  • I game a lot
    Almost drowned before
    Like pain

  • Im into older women
    I've been driving since I was 14, I don't have a license yet but I'm still a good driver.

  • i hate raisin and coconut

  • I used to be really fat, i have an iq of 147 but im a terrible student, im a gamer, im 6 foot tall, i love soccer, i come from a very dangerous country, i have some knife scars on my body, my favorite movie of all time is The Return Of The King.

    • The ROK book is one of my favorite books.

    • The whole book trilogy is amazing, there are so many great characters that didn't appear in the movies, like Erkembrad.

    • Yeah, it was probably one of my favorite book series when i was in high school. I felt like the movies didn't do the books justice.

  • I get a weird thrill in encouraging others to take up regular physical activity no matter what it is

    • huh, i thought you were going to say you like eating haggis

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    • It's pretty much an acquired taste 😊

    • yes, i can eat just about anything, including tripe and blood, liver... but when you start getting into the other stuff, i run out of steam fast

  • i hate ugly peoople

  • I'm shy and sub with 5"

  • when i was a teenager police almost killed me in a car accident that they caused then they left and didn't even call ambulance for me. 15 cm laceration down to skull. both rear wheels and trunk lid flew off due to impact. and my car went into a resturant. and they didn't even catch the guy they were chasing

    • did you fully recover?

    • yeah that hit woke me up i have powers others dont have haha

    • awesome... just wait til the government finds out, they'll take you and dissect you to figure out teh secrets of yur powers

  • I had to raise my younger brother and sister after my parents died when I was 18
    All my organs are on the opposite side of my body that they are supposta be
    I was shot twice because I waked in on a robbery
    I met the canadain priminister
    I like to give spankings to concenting adults
    And I'm a amazing shot

    • Wow, are you still close with your siblings and does the mislocation of your organs afect your health or does it not affect you at all?

    • Very close and not really I just have to tell the doctors if I'm getting surgery, I'm most subsetable to certain cancers

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  • Things that no one would find interesting:
    1. I need subtitles otherwise I won't understand what's happening and I lose focus on the movie or show.

    2. I'm a superhugedickwad to compensate for the fact that everything makes me cry. Really cute things, video games, good food, good music, etc. One time, in a restaurant with my friend, I cried over this plate of really delicious shrimp ravioli.

    3. I wish I could collect video games but I can't bring myself to spend money on them haha. I collect shot glasses though, I have 200+ different ones. It would be more but things get broken sometimes. I also collect mugs and cups... and bowls... and pokemon cards...

    4. In my free time I like to read through my old textbooks for fun and I work on orgo equations because it's soothing.

    5. I learned to play the violin so I could play theme songs from all the anime/videogames/cartoons that I like.

    6. I fall asleep in weird places, like in the kitchen, behind the sofa, under tables, I don't know why. I also always fall asleep in the car if I'm not the one driving.

    • i just can't identify with number 4, haha.

      And at least you aren't the one driving.

      If you have to cry, crying over a delicious plate of shirmp ravioli is probably one of the better things to cry about lol.

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    • #6: Edit - and sometimes when I am driving. πŸ˜ƒ

    • ooohhh, that sucks!

  • I love to drink milk with everything!!!
    My music playlists have everything from rap to country to 90s pop. I like all music...
    I'm afraid of the dark... like hardcore afraid.
    I love the cold...
    I have some weird fetishes...
    I find dinosaurs and whales fascinating...

  • I moved to Germany when I was 12, as a result my English and German are fluent, aside from my native language.

    I broke my back while ski jumping. The surgeons had to take out my rib and put it into my back cause the bones were beyond saving. They had to fuse 3 vertebrae into 1.

    I used to be obsessed with crime novels as a kid. I own like 20 500-page books from one author, and most of the stuff I read was from the library anyway.

    I love food. So much. when all else fails, chocolate is always there to support you.

    • Yeah, chocolte is pretty fantastic.

      Are you now "fully functional" from your back injury? Can you stil do the things you want to do?

    • Yeah, now I can but I was immobile for like 3 weeks and I couldn't do sports for a year.

  • I love sports
    I can be pretty competitive when I want to
    I am pretty social
    I am almost always a happy and chill person
    I can t hurt someone even if they hurt me
    huge procrastinator
    secretly really shy at first
    I easily get bored
    etc... :p
    ow and I have great parents which made me a spoiled brat XD

  • Here's 9 lol:
    1. Give me a can of nutella and i'll forgive you for anything
    2. I can roll my belly and tend to do it without knowing when i'm bored, which has been the cause of some funny looks i've gotten during class when wearing tight shirts.
    3. I chew on my pens when thinking
    4. I shake when i'm nervous
    5. I love romantic people
    6. I sing a lot even though i have a terrible voice
    7. I'm a gemini
    8. I'm very sarcastic
    9. I have never watched frozen or any of the star wars movies

    • I tried watching a couple star wars movies, i couldnt do it, i just fall asleep, so you aren't missing much. I made it through Frozen though.

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    • The funny thing is, i generally like star wars type movies. I was really looking forward to the last one... i watched it as much as i could and then fell asleep. It sucked. Frozen was a cute movie, but then i like a lot of the disney animated films.

    • I know me too! I love movies about the future, space and all that. I loove disney movies too like all of them, okay mostly the older classics but the new ones are good too, which is why i don't know why i haven't seen Frozen yet ☺️😜

  • I'm also a lover of chick-fil-A
    I have 2 dogs 1 German shepherd and one chichihuahua
    I'm extremely insecure but I don't let that stop me
    My dog is my best friend
    I can make up a song about anything
    When I'm bored I tend to serenade to everyone who's in my house

  • I've lit a microwave on fire. Can't cook to save my life.

    • lol, I've done this, technically i caught some food on fire in the microwave an did a number on the inside of the microwave

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    • Lolll yours is even worse than mine.
      I was making Noodles To Go. I assumed that if they were "to go" you just need to pop them in the microwave and they're done. Apparently you have to open it, put water in it, add the flavouring, etc. Pretty deceiving marketing in my defence.

    • So life lessons watch out for paper covered foil wrappers and don't pop dry noodles in the microwave.

  • I'm epileptic, seizures almost killed me a few time's
    I'm mixed
    I can't dance
    I played volleyball from 9 years old through college
    I was a gymnast

    • And this is why im happy with my shitty ankle.. because it isn't worse

      Interesting that you were a gymnast but can't dance,

    • i can follow choreography and I could do double bars, balance beam, & floor routines but if it's not taught to me I really suck at just dancing while out with friends.. lol. I wasn't a dancer tho, took gymnastics since 3 years old. only a few performances were to music within my team.

  • I love ice cream
    I can touch my chin with my tongue
    I speak 3 languages
    I'm extremely chill to the point where it's scary lmao

  • Super clumsy
    I'm allergic to artificial citrus
    I love all animals
    I'm scared of the ocean
    Favorite color is green
    I love makeup
    I am extremely ticklish
    It takes a lot to get me upset but when I'm upset it's very hard for me to get over it
    I love lemon
    I can twist my arm all the way around
    I love to dance and I'm very good at it
    very family oriented

    • you love to dance and are super clumsy... is it safe to be near you on the dance floor?

    • Lol I contradict myself on a lot of things. I'm clumsy but when I start dancing it goes away.

  • I love to drink 1% milk and can drink it all day.
    I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers (huge family)
    I am attracted to nerds deep down inside.. haha
    I think because I am one too
    I can watch cooking shows forever and NEVER get bored.
    I am kinda a old fashion kinda girl. I still believe women should always clean and cook Obviously she can have a job too.
    I really don't like ice cream just enjoy chocolate shakes on my period.

    • chocolate milk shakes are possibly the best thing on earth... regardless of the time of month

    • Haha they sure are good but I crave them on my period :-)

  • Hmm, ok. Here are some things that only people I'm close with or no one knows... also some fun facts, lol
    - I have a birthmark in the center of my back
    - I am super ticklish at the waist
    - Having my hair up makes me feel insecure
    - It's hard for me to say "I love you" or "I love you, too"
    - I am adopted
    - Fall is my favorite time of year
    - I'm a virgin
    - I love to sing
    - I'm not too into makeup
    - I like mascara and lip stuff, that's about it
    - I'm funny

    • interesting that you feel insecure with your hair up... is it that you think it doesn't look good or it's like a safety/security thing?

    • It's a safety/security thing. I don't know why tho. But I feel better/safer when it's down and vulnerable when it's up.

  • I can touch my tongue to my nose
    I'm ambidextrous
    Can't cross my eyes. Literally impossible for me, eye doctor proved it hahah

  • *i love Chik-fil-A too
    *don't have a hometown
    *i always feel 10 years behind everyone my age. that, or i am doing things backwards
    *been involved in volcano evacuation

    • Chikfila is hard not to love.

      You are now the first person i have known that was involved in a volcano evacuation.

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    • Ahh, i see. It's a better problem than people not believing my hometown is a leafy village in England lol.

      "No where are you REALLY from" Β¬__Β¬

    • @Cosytoasty - lol, you make it sound like you were born in the Secret Garden

  • If a guy knows how to swim, and I like him, then it's kind of a turn on

  • I can't fit my whole fist in my mouth
    I spent a night in prison
    I danced in a music video

  • Im a party person, adventurous, drinks every once in a while does anything once on a dare.
    I like video games and concerts too!

  • I love to cook, I have done some modelling photography, I was homeschooled

  • I'm too depressed to do anything most of the time
    I don't have any friends
    I'm bullied by my own family
    I don't know how to drive

    • Im sorry that you are having a tough go of it. Keep trying to push forward, things can improve.