Agree or disagree: if you committed your child/teen to a mental hospital when it wasn't necessary and they later commit suicide because they were?

afraid to seek help for fear of being sent back, they are just as responsible for the loss of their child as a parent who didn't send their child/teen their when they were suicidal and lost them to suicide?

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  • Are you the same guy who kept posting before basically saying you'd commit suicide to spite your parents?

    • I considered it. But before I attempted suicide because I was afraid to seek help because of what happened when things got bad for other reasons.

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    • Is she sick? What about your dad though?

    • Yeah, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago and given how my dad lives I doubt he has that much longer left.

What Guys Said 2

  • Nobody can ever be held responsible for the suicide of another. They need not bear any guilt. That said, each individual in the life of a suicidal person needs to examine themselves.

  • Get. Some. Professional. Help. You. Are. Mentally. Ill.

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