Tell me five facts about you?

My five facts:
1. my favorite book is Les Misérables. I have a lot of favorite quotes from that book, but this is my favorite.
Tell me five facts about you?

2. I'm going back and forth between wanting a routine life and the urge to run and never be in one place.

3. When I get a tattoo, it will probably be a quote from a book. Actually I'll probably get several book quote tattoos. Im thinking a les mis quote, a Harry Potter quote, a lord of the rings quote, and a game of thrones quote.

4. Dark chocolate with at least 80% cacao is my favorite food.

5. This is my favorite Harry Potter quote. With the help of Pinterest, I want to put this quote and the les mis quote on my bedroom wall like a piece of art. I am thinking I will make them look cool with melted crayon art.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. I love and collect video games, at this time i have over 1600 games and 30 consoles including handhelds... here's my collection here
    I love cats, my current cat is named jack and he follows me around everywhere. he can't be in a room alone without me there.

    2. I have a BA in History which sadly i have done nothing with, but it looks good on my resume

    3. My favorite food i would say is peanut butter, anything with that in it ill pretty much devour

    4. I am still living in my parents house. yes im trying to move out, its difficult when you live in a very expensive area like LA. But i will do it eventually. its my current goal right now.

    5. I just got a new job with whole foods. starting out at part time for now but after a 6 month period ill be able to apply for full time and get their very great benefits. this job may just be my ticket out of this house


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. I have a unique accent that is a mix of British, Canadian, Swedish and my own pronunciations to things 😂 (e. g I pronounce chill as shill, and dude as dudah don't ask 😂)

    2. I have a tattoo on my back under my neck of a lotus flower, every single member of my family has a lotus flower on a different part of their body and we all got them done in Asia. Its basically our family crest.

    3. I have issues differentiating dreams from reality sometimes as I remember my dreams quite clearly and well as if they were almost real. Sometimes people find me saying "I swear we've had this conversation before", when in fact I've had it in a dream... In other words déjà vu is a common experience for me.

    4. I am not a noon person at all, a lot of the time I'll go sleep in the morning 5-9am, but I do always get 8 hours of sleep every day... I guess you could say Im a night owl as I live most of my life in darkness lol. My dad calls me vampire.

    5. My biggest hobby is writing novels for myself. I write anything as I get inspiration from so much. Written at least about 80 different stories by now since I started when I was like 14. Never fully completed a single one though. 😅


What Guys Said 20

  • 1. Is peak several languages
    2. I taught English 5 years in China
    3. I'm married to a Venezuelan
    4. I'm one of the all time top posters here, if you don't count the 'point farmers.'
    5. I can be overly flirtatious with women, some accuse me of harassment.

  • 1# I love reading one of my favorite books is Secrets of Tsil Cafe a book of passion, sex and cooking and how it relates to life outside the kitchen.

    2# I'm a Gypsy don't worry though I won't curse you.

    3# I'm a poet and a painter.

    4# I am very easily amused and distracted lol.

    5# One of the meanings of my name is Heir to the Earth, The King.

  • 1. I used to believe the constellations was evidence of God's existence (or very advanced civilizations). I thought Polaris was evidence He was benevolent.

    2. I believe Handel is much more interesting than Bach, though Bach is the better composer.

    3. I've been a HUGE fan of alternate history literature.

    4. Close hauled is my favorite point of sail.

    5. I'm the son of a limey.

  • 1. When a plane comes over I won't have eye for you :o
    2. No matter if you speak English, French, German or Dutch, you can't keep things secret for me!
    3. I'm far too single... tried to change it but no success so far.
    4. If I want to relax, hiking is my secret drug.
    5. I live in that small country in the middle between the Netherlands, France, the North Sea and Luxembourg!

    • As for number 1, I am much the same way.

      As for number 3, why do you feel you haven't had much success?

    • @Bluemax as far as nr 3 is concerned multiple reasons.
      When I was in my twenties I've been too conservative: I was in touch with many girls but not being "wild" or into parties does not make you very popular among girls in their twenties.
      I assumed I would automatically meet the right girl, but once you're in your thirties the nr of single girls decreases quickly.
      I tried it and got in touch with many girls. Many of them liked me. But none of them was single :-(
      I tried a dating site once but it didn't work out... got a very nice contact with a girl, thought it would be my happy moment, but discovered after a few weeks I was second choice :-(
      Few other girls were interested. Some chats yes but nothing more than that.

  • 1) I am very, very much NOT a morning person.
    2) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, and will probably die that way.
    3) I am extremely logical and intelligent - except when it comes to decisions about my own life.
    4) My digestive system and I are trying to kill each other.
    5) I wish I could meet a girl with a personality like some of the dogs I've known.

  • I wonder why you aren't following me by now lol
    I give straight up answers on here
    I am a sociopath and cannot stand opinions relating to crazy or narcissism..
    I have loved and lived with many women and honestly prefer living alone
    I get sick of talking about myself so much!

  • 1. My Favorite Movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark
    2. I want to write for a living and I'm damn good
    3. I hate meatloaf, loaves are for bread not for meat
    4. I'm a New Englander
    5. I love the rain and snow

  • 1) My favorite book series is The Magicians.
    2) I have my first real date scheduled tomorrow.
    3) I was a firefighter for 3.5 years.
    4) Next semester will be my 3rd time attending college.
    5) I am the calmest and most even keeled person I have ever met.

  • 1. I'm a huge gearhead and I spend a lot of time indulging that.
    2. I have s love of the outdoors and I credit my sanity to many hours of solo hiked to reflect on life.
    3. I love to go out and try the weirdest food you can find me.
    4. I write songs and music is the gateway to my soul.
    5. After so many years of negativity in nearly always in a good mood

  • 1. I am very private.

  • 1. Ilove the winter
    2. I suck at math other than basic adding, subtracting, multiplying etc...
    3. I hate using public restrooms
    4. I find nerdiness and intelligence to be attractive in a lady
    5. I hate croutons in my salad. Seriously

    • Seriously walmart bathrooms are the grossest even more so than gas stations

  • 1. Favorite book- Of human bondage
    2. I'm a bladesmith in my spare time
    3. I hate vegetables
    4. I'm legally blind without glasses
    5. My favorite movie line is "when in the fuck did we get icecream!"

    • A bladesmith? How did you learn that?

    • @Bluemax curiosity and a lot of failure. The Internet helped out on a lot of questions I had but the rest waa trial and error.

  • 1. i m don't make points about myself.

  • 1. l like nature and l really really are a survive fans even now l haven't try yet
    2. l like juice more than anything drinks
    3. my favorite sprot definitely is basksetball and l love kring Ivring so much.
    4. when l saw the last man on the earth , l feel so Satisfy , l dont know why but this feeling is very special and l never feel before , l hope if you can just see it
    5. Chinese food is most delicous food in the hole world l recommend you guys can go to Guangzhou , yep

  • What wife said about me:

    1. I love lifting heavy weights.
    2. I tend to avoid junk food but not too much hehe.
    3. Hard working.
    4. Im loyal.
    5. Im a house cat. Dont like going out much. I keep low profile.

    • Wife said about me, now what I think:

      1. I bodybuild/powerlift but not a competitor.
      2. Im methodic, patient and extremely ruthless at what i do. I always want to get better at it.
      3. I dont talk much. Most of the times non at all, unless im spoken too.
      4. I only like my wife/girl and if you are not her, chances are i won't even blink if you die. Unless you ask for help in which case, you will get lots but i have to see you struggle aswell.
      5. I always keep my schedule and ill never keep you waiting. On the other hand i dont like chaotic people and hate it when soneone keep me waiting.

  • I am Muslim
    I am professional degree holder
    I am single right now
    I immediately have crush on foreign girls
    I am part time tutor.

  • 1. Born in the USA
    2. I've seen 10 of the 20 tallest buildngs in the world in person
    3. My favorite sport to watch is ice hockey
    4. I'm afraid of heights
    5. I was once a half way decent fencer

  • I hate Routine
    I love sports but I'm not good at any
    I'm a huge fan if Harry Potter and Game of thrones
    I love watching movies and series
    I have really bad anger management

  • 1 i talk openly what ever you ask
    2 i like people who talk straight forward
    3 i am attracted towards hot girls
    4 i like talk more
    5 i love reading

  • Throw her out of a fucking window

    • Haha, wrong post!

      1. I Don't think before I act (clearly)
      2. I like dogs more than cats
      3. I tried to be a vegetarian once, hated it
      4. I know people who've done very bad, criminal things but that doesn't stop me from being friends with them
      5. I've never broken any of my bones

What Girls Said 20

  • 1. I love theatre and musicals
    2. I love to cook but have made some reeeally bad things
    3. I make lists for everything
    4. I have insomnia and haven't had a consistent sleeping routine for almost 3 years
    5. I can't remember the last time I saw my toes without nail polish (excepting when I'm removing and repainting them each week)

  • 1. I am fascinated by human brain. I like to talk about brain disorders and psychological disorders.
    2. I like nature. I like mountain with that fresh air. I always imagine living there, in a quiet place, in a nice, rustic cabin.
    3. I am pssionate about history and I love to visit history museums and see so many antiques.
    4. I love to read. My favorite book is "Angels and Demons". I also like russian literature. I love how you mentioned "Les Misérables "; great book!
    5. I like good humor. I appreciate sarcasm and good jokes.
    P. S. I love your nickname! I already told you that on another post. "Harry Potter" for life! Yeah!

  • love those quotes :)

    5 facts about me~

    1) i am a university student~ after many failed attempts and several years of working jobs i hated, i went back to school at almost 30 years old. this time, i'm studying something i care about, and it's made all the difference.

    2) asking me to choose a favourite book is like asking "your fingers or your tongue" (a game of thrones reference). without books, i simply couldn't exist.

    3) i have thyroid issues, which really sucks because the meds i take mean that i can't have coffee before school in the morning... it's just as awful as it sounds lol.

    4) despite being in a real, very satisfying relationship, i have a massive fangirl crush on several fictional characters~ my first fictional fling was with erik/the phantom of the opera.

    5) i am a gamer, and am totally obsessed with fallout 4 and the sims.

  • 1. My mum is French, my dad is Scottish.
    2. I am bilingual.
    3. I'm only 5ft1 (1m55)
    4. I am considering studying journalism in the fall.
    5. My favorite quote is this:
    "And though she be but little, she is fierce."-Shakespeare.

  • 1. I'm from Tunisia ( Africa) , I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia ( Asia) and I'm studying in France ( Europe).
    2. I'm very sociable and have lots of friends. I make friends very easily.
    3. I used to be a chubby ( not obese but chubby) teen from 13 to 15. I lost all the weight and became normal but to this day I still have a problem with my body image and always feel fat no matter what ( I had eating disorders).
    4. I grew up in a religious and traditional family but they are also very educated and successful in general (Men and Women). Many women in my family have important jobs and sometimes I feel like I'm an underachiever compared to them.
    5. I had many funny interesting nicknames in HS and University...
    "Dictionary" "Wikipedia" " The Thing" on HS , all of them started by the same popular guy smh.
    And in France " Princess" I don't' get why but even some guys I barely talk to call me "Arab Princess" in Uni lol and online too xD

  • 1. I am one of those few people of my generation who reads newspapers. Not epapers but the actual 'paper' one.
    2. I just totally love my 6 month old niece.
    3. I have habit of using lot of post it notes
    4. I absolutely don't like handbags/clutches/purses. I prefer backpacks whenever I can
    5. Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, Dumbledore from HP series have made a lasting impact on me.

  • 1. I often practice singing in the shower. I always want to improve my singing quality 👌
    2. I don't like to wear makeup but i always line my eyebrows bc it's too thin 😣😭
    3. Facebook is my least favorite social media 😌
    4. I don't drink sodas (but i have tried tasting it a bit) i don't like the taste 😖
    5. I workout bc i wanna be a model so bad 💣💣

  • 1) I hate flat noodles (always have, I don't know why)

    2) I love office stores. Pens and journals make me really happy.

    3) I love rainy/gloomy weather

    4) I don't share pizza 🍕

    5) I'm very addicted to tea and books. On my days off I usually spend them going to multiple cafes and bookstores.

  • 1) I come from a culturally diverse family
    2) Travelled to 8 different countries
    3) Favourite animal being elephants
    4) Favourite author being Oscar Wilde
    5) Have a pet turtle name Humphrey (Hoping to get more when I upgrade my license :P)

  • I easily get bored and I need a constant motivator or goal so I feel driven or else I d feel useless and down
    I have a high ego hence I can be pretty competitive
    I am almost always happy
    I am too harsh on myself
    I love sports

  • 1) I love listening to emotional anime music on YouTube.
    2) I love match making
    3) I get paid to paint and draw landscapes and I'm better at creating boyish art pieces.
    4) I always write down my dreams and ask people about their dreams.
    5) I am really kidyish. I love doing kiddish things and to be honest.. Like, I'm obsessed with funimation and kzones. I wish we didn't have to grow up.

  • 1. I'm actually a huge book nerd

    2. I have a huge sugar addiction

    3. Music makes me tear up more often than I'd like to admit

    4. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era

    5. I want to be an adult so badly, but I worry that this desire will keep me from experiencing all the ins and outs of growing up.

  • 1. I love emo/rock songs
    2. I've wrote 3 teenage fiction novels in my high school
    3. I'm an engineer
    4. Obsessed with Japanese culture, anime - Naruto, Sailormoon, and food (sushi, mochi, sashimi)
    5. Easily Bored with the same scents, so I have ~10 different perfumes to use everyday, even in my sleep

  • 1. I am the ultimate sweet tooth, and I would never ever give up sweets for anything in the world.
    2. I am very lazy and stubborn, and I like to complain when these qualities lead me to failure.
    3. I'm fluent in three languages.
    4. I absolutely adore travelling, I just wanna see the world.
    5. I am like the messiest and least organuzed person in the world. Seiously my life is a mess.

  • 1. I
    2. Am
    3. Actually
    4. A
    5. Cat

  • 1. I'm good at pulling off certain accents
    2. I tend to stay up all night
    3. I have a pretty wild imagination and some of the craziest daydreams/thoughts
    4. I'm obsessed with tea
    5. I have a great desire to skydiving, be spontaneous and go on adventures

  • 1. I have very poor communication skills
    2. I love my animals and spoil them rotten every chance I get
    3. Science is my favorite thing to learn about, chemistry is my favorite part
    4. I've memorized the periodic table
    5. I'm going to culinary school after high school

    • I'd like to talk with you about something if you can open up your private message option or follow me?

  • Uhh I like Anime

    I fence

    I speak pretty decent French (i write and read better)

    I am learning japanese

    my fave color is Sunset

  • 1. I LOVE to eat and I can eat as much as I wan't whithout putting on weight.. I don't know why but guys always tell me that I'm their dreamgirl after they see how much i usually eat

    2. I'm a coffe addict

    3. I can speak german, austrian german and English fluently right now I'm learning to speak Spanish

    4. I'm currently attending a business college

    5. I can't go a day whithout chocolate

  • 1. I love dogs so much (they're the best thing and pizza only ranked # 2)

    2. Music is everything to me. I used to play in a band before I had my thyroid surgery.

    • 3. I am into photography also but I am not a pro.

      4. Yes I do love books. They are my comfort.

      5. I am a Filipina and currently in a LDR with a Latino.