Can you please reveal your break up or love confession story?

I need inspiration for a romance novel I'm editing... come on.. let's get personal. haha


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  • my stories are for myself... and are so complex that if someone wants them... must hear them... because I will not write that much...

    • Why do you even comment if you're gonna disappoint? It annoys the asker y'know.

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    • I didn't care enough to finish my sentence. It's not that funny.

    • whatever... have a wonderful day

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  • we were supposed to get married, and had been together for four years. mind you, it was a really good relationship even though i still had personal kinks to work out. his sister, who had lived with us a the time, had just lost her boyfriend because he moved to get away from her. well, first he was arrested and then he moved away. i didn't realize what was happening until it was too late.

    she was a jealous, conniving b*tch who liked to pretend she could trade bodies with god. (i'm not kidding) she decided she wanted her brother to be her baby daddy, and started working on breaking us up. he started drinking a lot, and withdrew more and more. i did what i could to compromise and give him his space.

    on the night before we broke up, she got him drunk and slept with him. then she adopted one of her "god personalities" and tried to kill me with a butcher knife in front of her four year old daughter. her daughter was standing behind me, while i was holding a giant bottle of captain morgan to defend myself as well as the kid. she was drunk off her @ss, and her kid was screaming and crying and she didn't care. thankfully her father intervened, so i am alive and so is her kid. after that we broke up, and i moved out. it was the weirdest, craziest time i have ever had in my life and i hope to never see any of them again. but there you go.


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  • Here is my first story. I woke up in the morning and did not expect such joy in my life. He would come to the door every time I called with a gift in his hand. One day I called and he did not come, so I called and I found out the bad news. I had accidentally ordered take out instead of delivery, so I could no longer feel the hot box of pizza in my hands when we exchanged money at the door.

    Second story: I was sitting alone at a restaurant. I felt so lonely seeing the people laugh with their friends and significant others. I looked at their plates, but then he came. He had a plate of fresh tacos in his hand with frijoles. I knew then that I would never be alone because I ordered a side of salsa verde too.

  • I am also collecting my stories for my book haha

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