Would you allow as woman allow male bonding between your partner and your guys kid?

Lets say he gyms with his kid
Teach the kid to ride a bike
Teaches the kid boxing lessons
Goes on father son campungvtrips
Goes fisshing
Buys action gigures so he and his son can play

  • its his kid too
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  • i want a trans girl
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  • its good heqlthy for them to connect
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  • no ways... call me selfish... no
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  • To clarify is the child the man's biological offspring or is the child from a previous relationship?

    There are only a few cases where the biological parent shouldn't be allowed contact or bonding with their child like abuse, addiction, manipulation, neglect, or possibly incarceration.

    There are many more reasons why a parent would limit contact between their child and a new partner. It is unfair to the child to get attached to partners that are not their for the long hall. Single parents often wait extended periods of time before introducing a new partner to their child.

    • Would you allow your ex to keep contact with his kid? (The law is biased to mothers)

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    • Ha ha i already got a womanlol im happily married lol... for yoyr info

    • I already got a woman... im not single... and i a am very happy... i hope your man dumps you and you stay single forever

  • Of course.

  • sure

    • I mean... its his kid right? right? Do you agree? i feel fathers should step up... and women should allow that

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