At what age do puppies usually calm down and stop being so overly hyper?


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  • Find an outlet for their energy and train them to help maintain control. Go for walks, let them outside, find another way to play with them. Teach them to sit and stay or put them self in time out. As they get older they'll calm down. Animals are like kids; they have their own personalities and need to be treated with kindness and understanding. It can be hard sometimes lol

    • lol i hear ya. i take her for a walk at least twice a day, sometimes 3. im not mad or anything, I've just never owned a dog that was this hyper before lol

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    • *the house lol not joy

    • lol yeah i got you.. hopefully she settles down haha

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  • Most people say age 2 but there is different breed of dogs
    that can typically hyperactive really hard to pinpoint.


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