Should I quit my long time part time job now if I hate it?

I have worked at the same banquet center for 5 years. I started as a junior in HS as a busser and worked my way to bartender. Now a college senior set to graduate in the spring. I had a clique I hung out with and would have a few drinks with and I enjoyed (as much as possible) making drinks for customers. The past month has been weird to me and I dread seeing the coworkers I used to hangout with, I get annoyed when a customer orders a drink with more than 3 ingredients, and even my co-workers notice I'm in a bad mood when I walk in. I just have a feeling in my gut it's time to move on even though i need a part time job until June. The issue is its going to be tough to find a job I make the same money at who would hire me knowing I am going to start my career in 6 months.


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  • take a couple weeks off if you can, then come back, this sounds like classic burnout knowing you are coming to the end of your school. If you can't manage that, maybe ask for a change of jobs at the same place.

    • The worst part is its busy season and a lot of holiday parties are booked this besides HS graduation season is the busiest time of year.

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    • Bartenders make the most money there so I'm taking a pay cut per say if I become a server. It's just one of those get me a career job asap I'm going crazy.

    • you may just need to suck it up, its not that much longer... make it through the holiday season, take a little break, collect yourself and start thinking about graduation and a new career while mindlessly mixing drinks

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  • i say wait until June,,, and then go for your future <3

    • It's just ironic cause I was a model employees for so long I never got into an argument with a co-worker or never called in sick.

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    • "behind a bar" my bad on the typo.

    • exactly,,, they might look a bit down on you,,, but leave them alone, make the money you need until you graduate and then say goodbye to this place,, and take a next new fresh start ^_^

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