When there is no light or sound coming from a fridge is it completely dead?

Just got food from it and noticed


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  • could be, mine did the same this time last year except the cooling stopped and my light was still on

    • Yeah I rotate the temp noob and it will work again for an hour and then shut off again

    • might be a shortage either way you need to see ab it

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  • Not necessarily. It could be a burnt out bulb and the thermostat cycled off at the same time, could be a tripped circuit breaker or GFCI

    • Dude literally turned the temperature gage in the fridge and it came back on but light bulb issue is still a problem

    • Check to see if the contents are still cold and at the temperature you would expect them to be to know if it's the thermostat cycle.

    • Have you tried to replace it?