How turned off by lady stubble are you?

like when I was younger my sister convinced me it was gross I had peach fuzz on my tummy & so I went and shaved it

so now I have to keep up with it but it grows back pretty fast...

so I'm worried about waking up next to a guy and my stomach being stubbly and him being turned off? It's only bad by my belly button area, really...

It's not peach fuzz anymore because I shaved it... it grew in thicker and darker? so it's noticeable stubble it's not like soft baby hairs...


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  • Lol, really not an issue for me. Girls have little hairs on their body, it's entirely normal.

    • But like because I shaved it it's not peach fuzz anymore it's like hair

    • I'm sure it feels and looks worse to you than it would to an independent observer. I am pretty sure that most guys would not even find it an issue at all. Nobody expects a girl to be like a plucked chicken and if they do then they're obviously not very experienced.

  • I like peach fuzz down there :-P :-D <3
    and i don't care about the tummy either LOL

  • Just get it lasered. It's really cheap


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