If everyone starts talking when you are doing a presentation, are they jealous?

I did a presentation. I know it was really good.

I haven't been doing my stuff properly (or at all) for a while now.

Everyone was talking initially. I almost wondered if they thought that I didn't do my stuff properly when everyone else was working hard and now I'm trying to dominate or something?

They kept trying to justify why their presentation wasn't perfect.

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  • Most students don't keenly listen to their classmates' presentations that much anyways unless they have some humor involved, if there is a grade associated with paying attention, or if it is mandatory to keep quiet. Students who talk during class do not care about the actual learning experience but rather focus on getting good grades. I'm pretty sure that you had a great presentation with lots of facts and well done to cover the topic, but I wouldn't worry too much about if students are paying attention or not. I doubt they're jealous of you, they are just more preoccupied with themselves than anything else.

    • Nah this was a different kind of presentation.

      Not long at all.

      I wasn't really sure if they were jealous or they just felt that there are students who have been putting effort since day 1 and I haven't realistically been one of them. Just because I did a great job this one time, doesn't mean that I can take away the spotlight.

      One of them even said, "I wanted to be fair to others," I could've sworn that was aimed at me

  • They are just peanut butter and jealous because you killed that presentation. As I always say, haters gonna hate.

    • The thing is, I am sure they thought it was a wonderful presentation. I could tell by how reluctant they were to present after me.

      That being said, I think a lot of the work given to us takes time and effort and the reality is I haven't been doing a lot of it.

      So I did wonder if it was almost like, you know. I did the work this one time and I did it amazingly well but I'm kind of stealing the spotlight from those who have been going at it since day 1

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    • It could indeed be jealousy. It's hard to say though without knowing the entire working situation.

      If you are an asshole like me, you are just shooting the shit with other coworkers during meetings or presentations and aren't paying attention.

      I would say, you may be spot on about the jealousy though. Like I said, haters gonna hate. They just hate you, cuz they ain't you.

    • Okay I guess I should probably explain the situation some more. It wasn't a work environment, more like a class sort of thing.

      So no team work or anything, just some stuff that each individual has to complete themselves. I think they might see it as unfair because they know they will be compared to me.

      It's probably frustrating because they also put in effort more than me in the beginning probably, but the tortoise won the race this time around.

      I think I would be sensitive to them though. Probably a part of it is genuine frustration as they may see it as me getting exceptions or something which they don't.

      I guess the best thing to do is to just continue being polite and sweet, and not try to give off any vibes that may make them think I believe myself to be better than them or something, because that's going to start drama and I wouldn't want that.

      They don't seem like unreasonable people. One of them towards the end complimented my presentation

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