What is the Cheapest 4k Video Editing Macbook Laptop?

I really need a macbook but specifically just for the final cut pro

Does it come preinstalled on every macbook? i'm not familiar with apple products but can you download a tor**** like you can on windows?


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  • One does not simply use cheap and mac in the same sentence.


    What you want to look at is a hackintosh laptop. Are you willing to do something like that?

    I don't know if you know what a hackintosh is but if money is a concern it's your only option


    As far as I know Mac OS doesn't have any restrictions on torrents, the question is how easy would it be to get a functional cracked version? That I don't know

    • i don't mind an old mac so long as it can edit 4k. I hear that final cut pro is not very intensive at all on the machine. i only need the mac for editing