Why do I feel happy in two seconds and the next minute i'm not?

I think It's been happening once awhile in a year. (People are more of a surprise when they see me upset, because I always look happy to them). Also it is not one time in a year but once amount of a time in a year. I'm constantly think about my life decision such as friends, family, boyfriend - just a lot of thinking and I cried myself out when I talk to someone about it. My boyfriend holds me and said that I give a lot of pressure to myself, but i feel like I am having some issues and I don't know what is. Not sure if it's because of work, friends or relationship problem.. but I tried pushing people away when I'm upset/depress and like to be alone and threatened myself. I am 18 and I do everything to support my livings.. I admit that Money is a big problem for me inside my head. Just then when I'm depress, I also push everyone off like I blame them.. I texted my friends and my boyfriend saying they aren't here when they needed me. I don't know what I'm saying..

What does this sounds like to you?


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