What is your current mood?

What is your current mood?

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  • I love that sheet!!! hummmm... carry the one, and bring it over to the two... let's go with overwhelmed. Moving out, trying to finish classes, Thanksgiving, buying presents, among other things... I think that fits me for the coming month, how about you?


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  • Shy, My friend came to visit me this morning and her brother drove her to my house. I didn't pay him any attention, but he gave me a ride to the DMV so I could finally get my license for my new job. He offered to let me used his car and he doesn't even know me and I mentioned after I got out of the car that througha text... ehh well I can't say the filthy stuff I said, but my friend showd him and he called laughing and said I was cute, but I hung up cause I was scared lmao.
    Also Lovestruck, waking up talking to the guy I've been smitten with for some time made my day😁😊 never fail's. I actually failed the written test my first try and I told him and after he cheered me on the second time around I passed😄😀 I'm going to marry that kid, he's the one lol. Mark my word's *pinky promise*
    Also overwhelmed cause I have a driver's test tomorrow. I'm good at driving, but my parallel parking is shit! I've been behind the wheel illegally. I'm nervous.

    • Awwww! He is so sweet :-)
      Well I hope everything works out. Try to stay calm while taking your test and thank you for sharing all this with me. Best of luck hun @Afro-dite9

    • Haha thanks girlie 😁 @ricaneyes

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