Today I opened my instagram, and they told me that someone was trying to open my account, what does it mean?

does it mean that he tried wrong passwords or that he was trying to hack my account?
Does instagram usually send alert notifications when someone tries to hack your account or just when he tries to open the account with wrong password several times?



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  • I Know that Since Someone else is Controlling Our Internet, there are Going to be Sure to be New... Changes Online all of the Time.
    I have Had other Gaggers Here, dear, Tell me that They have Had problems even on Gag, with a Source probably Outside of Gag, Tapping into their Gag Account and other Such Accounts.
    Thank you for the kind Invite. xx


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  • Most likely someone accidentally tried to log in. They weren't paying attention they typed the username, and it was similar to yours.

    Why would someone hack Instagram? People don't use it for financial transactions.

    Of course, it's possible they were trying to hack all your accounts, not just Instagram, but you should have received notifications about the other accounts as well.

    • Actually, I think they were trying to log in with wrong passwords several times. Because if they did it just once or twice, instagram wouldn't alert me don't you think?

  • I hope for your sake you dont have any nudes, it was likely someone who knows and knows enough about you to try and hack your account.

  • Most likely someone tried to hack your account.


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  • You must know WHO might do such
    otherwise... a stranger hacker

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