Anyone else like organization? How do you deal with people who are messy?

I'm a 17 year old male. For most of my life I was a very messy person, but I was a little kid, who lacked maturity. Now that I'm older I absolutely love organizing, making sure everything has a place, and is in a clean area. to combat boredom I'll go through my things that are messy from years of me not caring and reorganize everything, making it look nice and neat. It makes me feel better, makes everything look nicer, and I think it organises my mind and my thinking process, as well.

I live with my mother and she is tired and works a lot. She doesn't have much time to clean and everything is disorganized. The kitchen cupboards, fridge, pantry, etc. I hate it, things are thrown in the cupboard, I can't find anything, items jam packed behind other items, etc. It drives me crazy! So one day I took the liberty to organize and clean the kitchen cupboard. I made sure all the snack foods are on the bottom shelf, the dinner foods on the middle, and the cooking foods more or less on the top. Made sure every label was facing towards you, and that you can see everything without having to look behind other things. She preceded to get mad at me saying that when I get older I can organize how I want but not in her house. I guess how she has it the cupboard is "organized" but everything is thrown in there. Not having it's place or anything.

My dad on the other hand is about the same as me, liking everything to be organized and labels out, etc.

I'm just wondering how many others love organizing? and how you get through life with people who are disorganized?


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  • I'm super organized. I end up cleaning for my roommate often because her messiness aggravates me.


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  • ı sometimes like it and sometimes like to be messy it changes according to my mood