Is this weird/creepy?

Lots of people are afraid of bugs.
But I love them and always have. I've kept an ant farm, raised ladybugs, I wanted to catch my own ant queen and raise a colony of fire ants, but my mom hates bugs and refused to let me. Sometimes at summer camp (im a cit) I will hold bees, yellow jackets, spiders, millipedes, woodlice etc and show the younger kids and tell them stuff about whatever I'm holding. I let bugs (even wasps) crawl on my neck and face and have never gotten stung or bitten (besides parasitic ones, like mosquitoes and ticks) Is this weird? Creepy?


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  • No it isn't weird or creepy. There's lots of women entymologists. I'm personally into reptiles

    • reptiles are cool. I like rattlesnakes and black mambas a lot

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    • really? I didn't know that

    • The others require UVB lighting and you only get it from special bulbs. Without it they die a slow death from metabolic bone disease. UVB is how their bodies absorb calcium. The turtles you see basking on logs at a pond aren't just getting warm they're also getting UVB radiation for their health. For some strange reason snakes don't require it

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  • Not that weird. People have different interests. This one is a bit more unusual but you can still find plenty of people who are the same.