Is it easy to talk to random people in america?

Is it easy to talk to random people in the streets of america? do people judge you when you do this? lets say I saw some hot girl and tried to approach her, what will be the reactions out of 100 tries in newyork, miami or los angeles streets for example? Will I get any extreme negative reactions?

And assume that I'm not bad looking or rude.


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  • Yea Americans are nuts, aggresive they will respond back. Some got pistols in their pockets and most have guns at home. No one is afraid. Even that cute little rich blonde has a mini pistol loaded in her glove compartment

    • then fuck americans my friend, because my country's people are more pyschopathics than those fuckers man.

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  • Depending upon where you are in the US, it generally isn't a wise thing to walk up and just talk to anyone. Never know what kind of nut jobs you'll run into around here.

    • In the media, prank videos, movies etc. random people in the streets always talk to each other in US. So are they all fake?

    • Some, not all. You have to realize that there's a lot you DON'T see. How do you know you won't run into some meth addict or transvestite prostitute?

      Generally, most women will either ignore you or tell you to F off. Some will mace you and others will be willing to engage you. Depends upon the setting. Just randomly doing it right off the street isn't a smart idea. You could even get arrested for harassing women in public even with the best of intentions.

  • Is approachable if you are friendly enough and face with a smile.

  • Doesn't matter how you look approaching women inappropriate.